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Recipe: Toast to the Timeless Spirit of Songkran

Songkran may only come once a year, but Tep Bar’s cocktail of the same name is perfect year-round.

Photography by Natalie B. Compton

Tep Bar has captured the attention of local and international fans with its celebration of Thainess and expertly executed cocktail offerings. The award-winning bar just rang in its one year anniversary, and what better way to celebrate the milestone than to recreate one of its most popular creations at home. 

Tep Bar offers guests a unique opportunity to sample high-quality yadong in Bangkok.

Songkran may only come once a year, but Tep Bar’s cocktail of the same name is timeless.

“We wanted to create a signature drink or cocktail for Thailand,” Tep Bar co-owner Asawin Rojmethatawee told Prestige Thailand. “Why don’t we celebrate our own culture and make it popular elsewhere using the best of ingredients from Thailand?” 

Like the water festival, the Songkran cocktail was made to refresh people on hot days. The libation’s bright passionfruit and citrus flavors will do just that. One of the most interesting aspects of this cocktail is its use of the traditional Thai spirit, yadong.

“So Yadong plays a big part on this,” Rojmethatawee said. “We don’t use any other spirits or liquor, only our homemade yadong in order to maximize the herbal kick out of it.”

Tucked away in Chinatown, Teb Bar shimmers with gold accents.

To really do the cocktail justice, serve it in a beautiful vintage Thai water bowl. The aesthetically pleasing touch will add an extra element of Thai hospitality when making this drink for guests. Find some Thai Xylophone on YouTube and try mixing Tep’s signature cocktail up yourself.


20 ml simple syrup (homemade brown sugar syrup)

20 ml fresh squeezed lime juice

30 ml fresh passion fruit juice and pulp

50 ml yadong (about one shot)

A dash of orange juice

Shake together all ingredients with ice. Prepare a serving bowl or (cocktail glass) with 3-4 mint leaves and ice. Add in cocktail mixture and garnish with a twist of lemon peel and additional mint leaves.