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Recipe: Impress with Touché Hombre’s Tiki Cocktail

We reveal 72 Courtyard’s Touché Hombre’s petite-yet-potent cocktail recipe.

Photography by Natalie B Compton

Thonglor is bursting with international food and drink hotspots, but something has always been missing. While wine bars and craft cocktail spots are well represented, Latin spirits have been sorely overlooked—not only in Thonglor, but all throughout Thailand. That problem has been remedied with the opening of Touché Hombre in 72 Courtyard.

Old school hiphop and R&B come together with agave spirits at this neon-bathed Mexican bar and restaurant. The petite yet potent cocktail list champions agave spirits, many of which have never been featured in Bangkok before. His favorite creation of the bunch, and perhaps his favourite creation of all time, is the Nacho Libre.

“You have every element of me in the cocktail,” De La Cruz said of the drink. “Everything went exactly how I wanted.”

The Swedish expat is a devotee of the tiki cocktail movement, which explains the tropical aspects of the Nacho Libre like pineapple juice. The drink also calls for  tequila reposado, yellow chartreuse—one of De La Cruz’s most beloved spirits—as well as something new to the market, Mancino Vermouth’s Chinato.

At first glance, the Nacho Libre doesn’t look like much. There’s no fancy garnish, its colour is muted. The drink shines where it counts—in the flavor. The Nacho Libre is like nothing you’ve tried before. Part tiki, part tequila, it’s ultimately equal parts incredible, complete with a luxurious mouthfeel. Making this cocktail at home will impress your friends, especially if your friends are in the bar business.


35 ml Tequila Reposado

15 ml Chinato

10 ml Yellow Chartreuse

25 ml Pineapple Juice

25 ml Lemon Juice

10 ml Simple Syrup

Shake ingredients together hard and fine strain over a coupe glass.