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Recipe: Beat the Heat with Thai tea-infused Gin

We talk to the co-owner of trending Teens of Thailand bar to get the recipe for their luscious cool-me-down Thai Tea GT.

Photography by Natalie B Compton

On a sweltering night in Bangkok, there may be nothing more refreshing than a good gin and tonic. The city’s hottest gin bar, Teens of Thailand, has perfected the art of the GT, focusing on high quality gin, artisanal tonics and local ingredients.

Pulling inspiration from its Chinatown neighbourhood, Teens of Thailand created a lineup of house GTs that always go down smooth. The now-iconic cocktails are served in beautiful glass goblets and garnished with fresh touches from nearby markets.

Teens of Thailand's Thai Tea Gin & Tonic

Teens of Thailand’s Thai Tea Gin & Tonic

One of the bar’s most popular iterations of the classic cocktail is the Thai Tea GT. The key to the drink’s amazing flavour lies in the prep work. The Teens of Thailand bar team infuses gin with Thai tea spices for two days before adding tonic, spices, and herbs into the mix.

After trying one made by the experts at the bar, make one yourself at home with the recipe below. Don’t worry about the exact measurements for the spices, the fun is in figuring out a combination that works for you.

“It’s their own experiment,” Teens of Thailand co-owner Niks Anuman-Rajadhon said. “Telling all would not be good for excitement.”

Bartender Nonthawat (Oat) prepares garnishes for Teens of Thailand creations

Bartender Nonthawat (Oat) prepares garnishes for Teens of Thailand creations


  • 2 oz Thai tea-infused gin (Note: TOT recommends London Dry)
  • 1 btl Burma tonic
  • 2 dashes of bitters

Swish together with ice cubes and garnish with a sprig of mint, a cinnamon stick, and the zest of a Sunkist orange.

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