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The World’s 5 Best Luxury Fashion Hotels

Some of the world’s greatest luxury fashion brands are dipping their toes in the world of high-end hospitality – and doing quite well. 

As Prestige Hong Kong’s deputy editor Vincenzo La Torre once wrote, “Seasoned jet-setters and jaded travel writers often dismiss so-called fashion hotels.”

No doubt there are many people who would argue top-notch hospitality should be left to the seasoned pros, such as Starwood and Ritz-Carlton, but as the years go on several of the world’s top luxury fashion brands are starting to catch up – offering world-class amenities and service to complement their iconic designs. 

Here are our favourite five.

Fendi Private Suites, Rome 

The latest addition to the growing number of luxury fashion hotels, the brand new Fendi Private Suites are nestled above the brand’s flagship boutique in Rome.

The seven highly exclusive suites feel more like private residences than hotel rooms, and the building sits just 10 minutes from Via Condotti – the most fashionable street in Rome.

A stay in the hotel’s master suite will set you back about US$1,500.

Bulgari Hotel, London

Located on the edge of London’s famous Hyde park and just a minute away from the much-loved Harrod’s department store, the Bulgari Hotel has all the contemporary flair you would expect from one of the world’s greatest designers.

The hotel boasts a nice line-up of amenities, including a full gym and physical training centre with an on-site personal training team, 11 single spa treatment rooms and 1 private spa suite, a 25-metre, three-lane swimming pool, 47-seat cinema and a cigar shop.

The property’s uber-luxurious “Bulgari Suite” is available to guests for a mere US$12,000 per night.

Armani Hotel, Dubai

Armani has a few hotels scattered throughout the world, but as you would expect its property in Dubai is the most over the top.

Occupying a hefty piece of real estate in the city’s mammoth Burj Khalifa tower, the hotel’s Armani Dubai Suite is an incredible 390-square-metre sanctuary personally designed by Giorgio himself. 

The suite features a private study, two bedrooms, eight-person dining area, and panoramic views of the city, dessert and Arabian Gulf – all for US$7,600 per night, which is quite reasonable considering what you get.

Palazzo Versace, Dubai 

Resembling a 16th century Italian palace, the Palazzo Versace Dubai is a stunning neoclassical masterpiece with subtle traces of Arabian architecture. The hotel’s beautiful entrance, well-crafted Italian furnishings, high ceilings and striking gardens are a fitting symbol of the Versace lifestyle. 

The property is located on the shores of the beautiful Dubai Creek, just eight minutes away from the Burj Khalifa and the city’s lively downtown district.  

Maison Moschino, Milan

Just like Palazzo Versace in Dubai, Maison Moschino is situated inside a beautiful neoclassical building, which used to be Milan’s first railway station and is now in the middle of what is becoming a vibrant city centre.

The design of the hotel entices guests with some of the most unorthodox interior design you will find anywhere, which is an ode to the label’s design heritage. Each of the hotel’s suites, named things like “Alice’s Room” and “The Ribbon”, carry their own distinct stories and folklore – again, radiating the signature of the Moschino brand.