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It Takes Two

We sit down with Dalad Tantiprasongchai and Supatra Bromilow – the founders of FABbrigade – to talk about Thailand’s first beauty and wellness services app.

This article is a condensed version of the original piece that appeared in the June issue.

Despite the sweltering heat outside, Supatra Bromilow arrives for the interview fresh as a breeze, exuding an air of sophistication in a pretty pink cutout sleeveless dress and peep-toe Sergio Rossi heels. Moment later, Dalad Tantiprasongchai makes en entrance, très élégant too in a white button-up shirt from Maison Kitsune, paired with a form-fitting skirt and Chanel pumps. Effortless, fashionable and fabulous, they’re at the forefront of Thailand’s beauty and wellness market, and their new app is here to prove it.

Supatra and Dalad are not only business partners but also long-time friends with a lifetime of shared history. They first met in Year Seven at Bangok Pattana School (BPS). Dalad smilingly recalls: “I was new to BPS. I moved over from high school and I was quite shy. Sup [as she calls her friend] was kind of the popular kid.” To which an amused Supatra replies, laughing: “Just loud. Not popular.” 

Dalad Tantiprasongchai and Supatra Bromilow; Photo courtesy Kaan Suchanin; PrestigeOnline

Dalad Tantiprasongchai and Supatra Bromilow; Photo courtesy Kaan Suchanin; PrestigeOnline

Prior to launching the FABbrigade app with her friend, Supatra was a freelance production manager and assistant director of multiple Hollywood and independent movies. As for Dalad, she still is to this day the vice president of Crescent Point Group, a leading Asia-Pacific private equity and investment management firm. The two lead successful, fast-paced lives, and the FABbrigade app was born out of personal necessity – something they both felt was missing in the Thai market.

“Every time I came back to Bangkok, I’d have to find time to do my spa, my nails,” Dalad says. “If I have to go to events, I have no idea where to find makeup or hair artists, so sitting in a salon doing my nails one day, I was thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if I could book all of this through an app?”

After suggesting the idea to her friends in a group chat, the positive response prompted Supatra to take her aside and question Dalad if she was serious about the app. The discussion that ensued eventually led to the development of a business model that is now the foundation of FABbrigade. 

FABbrigade App; PrestigeOnline

FABbrigade App; PrestigeOnline

Currently, FABbrigade has three core categories within the app: GLAMbrigade, NAILbrigade and OMbrigade. GLAMbrigade focuses on professional makeup and hairstyling, while NAILbrigade focuses on manicures and pedicures and OMbrigade on personal Pilates and yoga classes.  

As the first of its kind, the FABbrigade app is revolutionising the way beauty and wellness services are being provided in Thailand, and unquestionably this is primarily due in part to the individual business experiences of both Dalad and Supatra. It has to be said, however, that it is the trust, respect and friendship between the two high-powered women that will steer this app successfully forward into the future.