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Behind the Scenes: Natira “Oad” Boonsri

A behind-the-scenes video of Prestige Thailand’s January 2016 photoshoot with Natira “Oad” Boonsri.

Behind the Scenes: Natira “Oad” Boonsri

Retail royalty Natira “Oad” Boonsri donned the latest Gucci fashions at Zen Event Space for Prestige Thailand’s January 2016 cover shoot.

We sat down for a chat with her to talk career, family and hobbies – we offer up our favourite excerpts.


Photographer: Virunan Chiddaycha

Stylist: Sarunya Ariyakul

Makeup Artist: Nichakan Sungwian

Hair Stylist: Narongsak Yiamlaengamkool

Location: Zen Events Space