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4 Questions with Anisha Attaskulchai

Anisha “Pam” Attaskulchai is best known for two distinct positions in society: as heiress of the Betagen family business, and as the founder of fashion brand Lovebird.

We interviewed Pam for our March 2016 issue. Here are our favourite excerpts. Photography by Kaan Suchanin.

Anisha “Pam” Attaskulchai (35) is part of a prominent business family best known for its ubiquitous Betagen cultured milk drink, but she’s also beaten her own path and crafted her own brand, Lovebird.

Early this year, she made news again when she launched the final collection of her romance-themed Lovebird fashion line, announcing that she’s turning to focus on family and health. Now the board director at Betagen tells us about the end of an era – and the possible beginning of a new one, as she is hoping for a baby with husband Syntec Construction executive Jiramote “Note” Phahusutr.

What’s currently on your mind?

Now that I’m closing down Lovebird, there are some who are criticising me and saying that Lovebird went bankrupt, or that I couldn’t handle it, this or that. I would like to suggest to anyone who is going through the same thing to not be afraid to fail, and not be afraid to lose face. I hope they will be confident in themselves and not be afraid of change. I believe that if we keep in mind the positive things and lessons we have learned, it will help us improve and develop ourselves even further.

Anisha “Pam” Attaskulchai in her home; Photography by Kaan Suchanin; PrestigeOnline

Anisha “Pam” Attaskulchai in her home; Photography by Kaan Suchanin; PrestigeOnline

What is it like growing up in a prominent business family?

I feel grateful for being lucky enough to be born into a business family like mine. It’s provided a foundation for me for many things. It’s given me a base from which to work, whether it’s with regards to social standing or financing, and it’s helped me. I truly appreciate my luck. On the other hand, there’s pressure – I’m a board director for instance, and when I started this position I had already launched Lovebird.

The board members are all very senior executives, and I’m the youngest and the only woman. I was concerned that I was young and less experienced, but with Lovebird, I began to feel more confident that I understood the family business, though there are other ways I still need to improve…

You’re creative, stylish, a successful entrepreneur and you have two Masters to boot. Where does your motivation come from?

It’s quite difficult to say what my inspirations are in a material, explicit way. For myself, I’ve often wondered where my motivation comes from. But I’ve never had a particular icon whose footsteps I wanted to follow – it’s more that everything around me has molded me into me…  I don’t know where it all comes from. I take it from everything around me – it’s difficult to put my finger on it!

What’s your personal definition of luxury?

It’s being able to take life to the limits. By limits, I mean being able to do something you want to do, and pouring yourself into it. Wearing what you want, travelling where you want, but fully investing in it. I like taking things to the nth. If I travel, I like to take luxurious trips, and I’m willing to spend more to enjoy the best and the most luxurious things, because the experience itself is fully worth what I put into it.