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5 Life Hacks from Sittharmanin Susamawathanakul 

Prestige’s November cover personality reflects on life, work, style and being human.

Sittharmanin Susamawathanakul, or known mostly by her nickname “Pam,” proves that intelligence, success and style can be mutually exclusive. The elegant and astute businesswoman is driving her family business, Superrich Thailand, into the 21st century, while her sharp sense of style has secured her a place as one of Bangkok’s most stylish personalities.

Prestige talks to Pam and uncovers 5 keys to her success as a businesswoman and contemporary style icon.


1. Start from the bottom.


5 Life Hacks from Sittharmanin Susamawathanakul 

Like many successful business heirs and heiresses, Pam started her work at Superrich Thailand from the bottom before working her way up, seeking opportunities to take different business, management and psychology courses along the way to make sure she’s equipped with what’s needed to propel her family business forward.

“I began as a trainee, answering calls and informing customers about rates and sending faxes… I learned about the business from scratch. I learned a lot from the people who had been working with my father for many years.”


2. Style is finding what’s right for you, and paying an extra attention to quality.


5 Life Hacks from Sittharmanin Susamawathanakul 

“My fashion style is more masculine, and I think it is more in the minority. I know what I like, what fits me, so I dress accordingly. My day to day look includes pants, mostly. During the day I have to travel between offices, sometimes I ride on a motorcycle to save time, so I prefer something more functional. Good taste and style come from comfort and freedom.

“I think one needs to have an appreciation of excellent quality, paying attention to detail and recognising genuine value.”

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3. Make time to explore the world to expand your outlook on life.


5 Life Hacks from Sittharmanin Susamawathanakul 

“I did a 10-day trek to Annapurna base camp in Nepal where I carried my own equipment and went to Ladakh in India on a motorcycle. The experience was very different for me, you get to see this panoramic view and feel the wind on your skin. With these kinds of journeys, you also get to work on yourself because it’s tough and you need to manage and plan well. Being among nature is so grand that it makes you feel so small and grounded.”


4. Always take a closer look and listen well to see other people as they really are.

5 Life Hacks from Sittharmanin Susamawathanakul 

“We all perceive the world from different perspectives. We have certain perceptions about ourselves and others. Sometimes what we see is not always what we think. We never know what’s going on in someone’s mind or what’s happening with their lives. I’d like people to take a closer look and listen well enough to truly see the person as they are.”


5. Accept your flaws and imperfections. It’s part of being human!


5 Life Hacks from Sittharmanin Susamawathanakul 

“We’re all human; perfectly imperfect as we are. By accepting this, I accept others as they are too. This cultivates the space for connection and compassion. It requires commitment, moment to moment, which I’m still practicing.”


Photographer: Vatcharasith Wichyanrat
Stylist: Panchanitch Rattanawilai
Makeup Artist: Jirayu Desara
Hair Stylist: Manaswee Kitpisut
Editorial Coordinator: Rattanachai Chaipornsantikul
Venue: Sindhorn Tonson
Watches: Breguet
Jewellery: Gems Pavilion


Read the full interview with Pam in the November issue of Prestige, available from all leading bookstores in Thailand. 

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