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Sun-kissed by the auroras of Piaget

The Sunlight Escape Collection is a dazzling theatre of colours inspired by the Northern Lights.


In northern lands where the summer days are longer as the sun seemingly never sets, pale skies mesh with snowy peaks, offering shimmering displays of light and colour. Quite an unusual spectacle to those who are more acclimatised to the tropics. Imagine if the sun never set, or hid itself for five hours or less a day, as opposed to 12. This very pattern, where the sun is seen like nowhere else, is what has inspired Piaget’s most recent Sunlight Escape, a gorgeous high jewellery collection reflecting the lights of boundless freedom and delight.

The sensation of being beneath a star-studded sky lit up by surreal colours that blur our sense of reality is captured in the Sunlight Escape collection. One enjoys the luxury of simply contemplating the magical passage of time, with moments made more radiant. Complementing the celestial sphere and illuminating the night, jewels sparkle with a thousand fires.

See the three different sides to the collection: Warming Lights, Exalting Sights and Dancing Nights. In these three joyful, whirling and captivating facets, Sunlight Escape expresses itself freely with a sun-inspired spirit of love.

Warming Lights is composed of creations at all at once powerful and delicate. With flamboyance in the audacity of their materials, they express radiance in their form. They catch the light and transform it through a multitude of reflections with marquise-cut diamonds of pink gold, yellow, and white.

As a solar centre stone, an emerald-cut emerald of 6.02 carats gleams a deep green.


A watch set with diamonds and white gold is completed by a bracelet of rose-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds, like little droplets of freshly melted snow.



Exalting Sights celebrates nature in transformation, in all its force, in all its grandeur. In northern lands, time flows with intensity. One’s gaze is lost in these large icy expanses.


A necklace with a playful graphical design is set with shades of blue: lapis lazuli, Paraiba tourmalines and aquamarines collide with waves of brilliant-cut diamonds.


Like the glistening plateau of a freshly formed iceberg, a fancy-cut cabochon tourmaline of 24.73 carats is the centre stone of a ring set with multiple brilliant-cut diamonds in white gold.


Dancing Nights is inspired by the time when evening turns to night, as the sky becomes a dazzling new theatre of colours. Driven by solar winds, the aurora borealis sweeps silently through the atmosphere, flaring, fading and flaring once more.


With an explosion of colour, a pendant necklace shows a generous heart. An oval-cut red spine.


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