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Remembrance of All Things Chanel

What girl doesn’t treasure her first bottle of N°5 or little black jacket? At Chanel’s Paris Dallas show, 10 girls reminisce about their firsts.

What girl doesn’t treasure her first bottle of N°5 or that long-awaited purchase of a little black jacket? At Chanel’s Paris Dallas show, 10 girls-about-town and loyal friends of the maison reminisce with Vincenzo La Torre about their first memory of the house that Coco built


Alexa Chung
My first memory of Chanel was attending their show as a reporter and being plucked from the crowd by Karl to ask the only question, after they’d said, “No more questions.” That was my first interaction with Karl and Chanel – as a reporter at a show. That’s how it started. Back then I was never rich enough to own anything Chanel, though.


Caroline de Maigret
It goes back to when I first started modelling. I met Karl and he asked me to be a fitting model. I spent three weeks with him doing all the clothes before the show – it was 20 years ago. I also always treasure my little black jacket because I wear it like a leather jacket, day and night. It’s an extraordinary item that always works.


Miroslava Duma
I remember my mum wearing Chanel a lot when I was a child. I looked at her and I was like, “It’s such a piece of art.” Everything she wore. Chanel is like an investment. You buy once and you wear it forever. I remember a bag that my mum gave me, a 2.55 black bag. And there are a lot of other beautiful pieces from my mum’s collection that I hope she’s going to give me.


Dakota Fanning
Probably my grandmother. She had many Chanel bags, and that’s the first time I discovered Chanel, through her. I admire my grandmother so much, so I still remember that. She still has them but I’m hoping to get them one day, maybe.


Georgia May Jagger
My mum [Jerry Hall] used to do the shows in the 1970s and she had this big trunk of old Chanel chains and gold jewellery that says Chanel on them. They’re very different from what the house does now, but that’s my first memory, the chains. I was so excited to find out that the show was going to be here, where some of my family is. I come here once a year and we used to have a ranch here. My mum couldn’t believe it. She thought, amazing!


Kiko Mizuhara
My mother carried a Chanel bag when I was little. I’ve always wanted to own one ever since I saw it. I remember that I was super happy when she gave it to me after I became a junior high school student.


Caroline Sieber
It was my dress for my 18th birthday. Actually it’s before that, because my mother used to wear lots of Chanel. Rather than the typical suits, she owned more evening dresses. And I also remember the scent of Chanel N°5 that she used to wear. Another memory is my wedding dress. It was a long, long journey there. We had so many fittings and in the end I was happy it was over, but it was beautiful.


Joan Smalls
My first thought of Chanel was when I began modelling, because I always wanted to be in the show and it took me a couple of years before I could be in one. That was quite an experience, I felt like I accomplished something and to just keep working with Karl…He’s a legend in the fashion world and it’s amazing to be a part of that, to be around him and learn from him. I also love that the pre-fall show is in Dallas this year. They say that everything in Texas is bigger, so why not bring Chanel?


Soo Joo Park
It was definitely my first show, haute couture last spring. I didn’t expect to be in it, but I got a last-minute request for a fitting and then I was booked for an exclusive. It was very special because it was haute couture. I also remember getting a really awesome Boy bag from the Scotland collection, which I got as a gift. It’s so special, like everything about Chanel.


Stella Tennant
My first experience of Chanel was before I started modelling, when I bought my first Chanel lipstick, that iconic black one. I was about 22. The show I remember most fondly was obviously the one in Edinburgh, because I’m from there. To be celebrating so much of Scotland! I spent a day with the head of fabric development at Chanel and her assistant, showing them around Scotland. They worked with the local tweed mills like Barrie, so it felt really personal. I love how Karl can jump from Scotland to Singapore and Dallas. Chanel is such a global company and is relevant everywhere.