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Fendi Presents: Wish List from Resort 2019 by Bangkok’s Glitterati

Prestige Magazine chats with Bangkok’s glitterati on their favourite items from Fendi—including pieces in the upcoming Resort 2019 collection.

Fendi has opened its newest flagship store in Iconsiam, complete with sleek interiors and a drop of the brand’s highly-anticipated Fendi Resort 2019 collection. From playful twists on high-street to classic Fendi staples, there’s a lot to look forward to in the Italian fashion house’s latest opening. But with so much to choose from, which are the pieces to really eye? Prestige had a quick chat with Bangkok’s glitterati on the items that made it to the top of their wish list.

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Vareenithi “Bubee” Kanpaibool

“I think investing in clothes is something very worthwhile because it’s like you’re investing in an art piece—a work of art that you can wear.”


Vareenithi Kanpaibool


“I personally love Fendi’s logomania, which is currently a very big hit. I really like monogram patterns like this—it’s so cute and timeless. You won’t get bored looking at it, and the colours can go with anything. If you’re the type who isn’t that confident with matching your clothes, these colours are very safe.”

Another favourite item of hers? The shoes. “Can I just add that the shoes are so comfortable,” she laughs, “I recommend the one with the pointed tip and matching monogram print. When you first look at them you might doubt whether or not they’d feel good on your feet, but once you wear them, all the shoes are really comfortable.”


Thawin P “Mark” Seawtong

“For me, fashion is really about what makes you happy. When I dress up everyday, it all depends on my mood and how I feel—if I want to go minimal, I go minimal, if I want to be loud, I go loud. If you do something, just make sure it makes you feel good and comfortable. That’s it.”


Thawin P Seawtong


“I like this piece from Fendi Resort 2019 that’s part of the Fendi x Fila collaboration. It’s a limited collection and has a very fun aspect to it. The form is oversized, the back is very fun and playful with a sporty feel, and you can also see a hint of the Fendi monogram in Fila’s brand colours. I actually like oversized clothes a lot because you can wear it either as a fashion item, a sport item, or something for spring days when the weather is cooler. With this piece, it has this young vibe, it’s not too feminine or masculine and I can mix and match it with many looks, which is something I really like to do.”

He’s also got his sights set on the Peekaboo X-Lite. “You can take it to the gym, shopping, or even a fashion shoot. It’s something that can be used in so many ways and styles, and the one for men is really so light.”


Panitipad “Gap” Pheeraphattanakul

“I really enjoy fashion where there’s a clear brand identity, and you can take it and style it for yourself.”


Panitipad Pheeraphattanakul


“Personally, my favourite piece is the Peekaboo X-Lite for men, because it is really functional. It’s much lighter than the Peekaboo Regular and is designed to have a lot of depth, which is something Fendi has never done before on the Peekaboo models. They’ve made the bag easier to use, and very appropriate for the summer season.”

Another item he likes is the monogrammed jacket. “On the one hand, it meets the needs of those who are into logomania and street fashion, but at the same time it also has a very luxurious feel. I love Fendi because it is a brand that sits in the middle of high-street and luxury fashion, so it’s able to attract customers from both groups. On the one hand, you have customers who love glamour, and on the other hand you have customers who prefer a certain lifestyle to be reflected in what they wear, like with street fashion.”


Kanyapat “Pat” Pakdipadungdan

“I really like the use of the logo in this collection, I think it has its own charm and really reflects the charisma of Fendi as a brand.”


Kanyapat Pakdipadungdan


Ever the mixer and matcher, Pat’s favourite outfit is a combination of two different Fendi collections. “I like how on the skirt, there’s a hint of the logo—you can just see it, but it doesn’t seem too intentional. I also really like the pleated dress. For my upper body, I like to wear things that are quite covered. To me, the turtleneck also adds that extra layer of glamour and sophistication. When it comes to accessorising, I really like gold, so when I pick and choose my clothes I usually go with things that are able to pair well with gold.”


Nakwan “Ju” Rayananonda

“You gotta wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you. People think you should complete your look by wearing earrings or an expensive handbag, but I think you complete your look by bringing out your character. The best accessory for any kind of outfit is your confidence.”


Nakwan Rayananonda


“What struck me the most to this outfit is obviously the logo. I think it speaks very highly of the brand when people see you coming from afar and they know what you’re wearing. I mean, if you want to wear Fendi, then you gotta wear Fendi. I like things that are practical, versatile and classic. With this, you can wear it from morning till night, depending on how you amp up your accessories, the bags you use, how you style your hair and how you do your makeup. If I’m going to the office, I would probably wear a jacket over this. If I’m going for lunch I’ll just take the jacket out, and if I’m go for a cocktail afterwards I would probably change into a skirt or black jeans to go with this top. There’s this charm about Fendi that speaks about how classic you can be—I think this is true of Fendi’s style and all Fendi girls.”

The bag on her waist also caught her eye, “this actually struck me way before I even saw the outfit, especially the fact that you can actually carry it four ways. The staff just showed me that you can wear it as a sort of belt, and you can also use it as a clutch and remove the belt. Then there’s also a chain in here so it can be a handbag as well.”

The Fendi Resort 2019 collection can be found at Fendi’s new store in Iconsiam. Shop the collection on

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