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Exploring Hermès’ Take on Time

The Maison has an all-new exhibition and show coming to Bangkok, devised by London-based Gandini Juggling.


In addition to its long lineage of fashion statements and leather goods, Hermès also has a long watchmaking history, dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century. Those interested in the Maison’s watchmaking heritage can revel in this upcoming show and exhibition coming to Bangkok, in an exhibition titled ‘Time, a Hermès Object’, an all-new show devised by the London-based company Gandini Juggling. The show is followed by a scenography circuit open to the public.



Time is an object born of uncompromising expertise for the high fashion luxury Maison, Hermès. The house translates the inherent tension of time into a singular characteristic, captured by the its signature style. Hermès dives into exploring another time, designed to arouse emotions, opening up interludes and creating spaces for spontaneity, instead of merely measuring, ordering and seeking to control it.



Viewers end up treating time as though it were a vast playground waiting to be discovered is a moving experience. You’ll pay attention to measuring it, by the hour, but in a way that is more playful and ultimately, rewarding.



Going back to a time that mixed up the rules and playfully subverted them is one of the main aims of Gandini Juggling’s show. Guests mingle with peculiar characters, who in their hands hold apples that pirouette in a ballet of fluid and precise movements. Surrounded by a rhythm of comic sketches, the mood of the audience dances as it’s elevated. Caught in time, every time, gravity is a question for the apples alone. By the end of the show, exactly one hour has passed. Time has slipped away, at the whim of the artists and apples shaping the space.



Those just interested in the exhibition can just miss the show altogether. The exhibition appears as a playground with intriguing scenography. Appearing and disappearing in time with pulsating light, timepieces are magically displayed through monolithic windows,

“Time, a Hermès Object” will be showing from June 6–17 at the Hall of Fame, M Floor of Siam Paragon.

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