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All aboard The Thailand Yacht Show

One of Asia’s premier experiential yachting events is happening next month from February 22-25 and promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

Phuket’s Phang Nga Bay, with its emerald green waters and stunning limestone islands will once again play host to the region’s leading experiential yachting event, which will be staged in partnership with the Thai government.

Andy Treadwell, CEO of 3L Events and organiser of TYS, having met with the various Thai government departments involved said the outcome was very positive indeed:

“It is clear that everyone now agrees that there’s a lot to be gained by making foreign superyachts welcome. Many captains and owners will be interested in wintering in Thailand if they are suddenly allowed to charter here. Once the necessary changes are all officially confirmed, which we believe will be very soon, then we can realistically expect that the other ASEAN nations will join in – and then the global fleet will have a quite amazing new winter yachting destination to consider.”

With a base at Phuket’s Ao Po Grand Marina, the 2018 edition will be unlike any other boat show – allowing potential yacht-lovers, enthusiasts and thrill-seekers to actually get out on the water and try a whole range of watercraft. Expect to ride the waves of luxury on the finest, trying anything from sailboats, sports-fishers, dinghies and tenders to water sport boats, day-cruisers and superyachts. 

Held during the Lunar New Year, one of the most event-filled periods in Phuket when the island becomes buzzing with regional visitors, the TYS  will place an emphasis on the experience visitors will have and how it will enhance their ongoing yachting lifestyle.

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The lineup for the third edition will feature more of the region’s premier yachting and luxury brands – from stylish superyachts to the latest launches. Local and international visitors will have a chance to view and even try out boats and yachts presented by the country’s leading boat dealers and yacht brokers.

The extraordinary scenery of Phang Nga Bay will serve as a backdrop for electric shows, colourful parties and dazzling social gatherings, with VIP events on board yachts and floating night-clubs. The popular Demonstration Platform will also be returning again, allowing more intrepid guests to test the latest yachting toys and accessories, and engage in diverse on-water activities.

Combining the best aspects of yacht charter, the boating industry and luxury lifestyle events, TYS attracts industry professionals and consumers alike, and is fast becoming the focal point of the luxury charter yacht business in Asia Pacific. Those looking to relax can slow down and soak up the atmosphere. The HYPE Luxury Boat Club will be the hub of such, where DJs will be spinning the latest in tropical beats, and bartenders will be keeping you cool with their exclusive yacht show cocktails.   

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