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Ford’s New GT: An Instant Classic

But do you have the right stuff for ownership?

Some 50 years after the Ford Motor Company scored its first victory at the 24-hour Le Mans endurance race with the GT40 Mk II – one of the most iconic racing cars ever built – the American manufacturer has resurrected the GT name for a high-tech supercar. The all-new Ford GT will not only contest the classic French motorsport event this June, but also be made available to a select group of customers, with an initial two-year production run of 500 units priced from US$400,000 each.

Built from lightweight and ultra-strong carbon-fibre, powered by a 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 engine that’s expected to produce at least 600bhp, and boasting active aerodynamics and suspension, the car serves as a showcase for the manufacturer’s prowess in technology and innovation. It’s thus likely to spark a feeding frenzy among collectors and auto enthusiasts once deliveries begin in 2017.

There’s a catch, however, since being first in line with 400 grand in your wallet won’t in itself be sufficient to grab one. Instead, the company has launched a dedicated website that in addition to offering potential customers the opportunity to configure the car they hope to buy, more crucially contains a lengthy questionnaire to gauge their suitability for ownership. And judging from the first page – I am/was a Ford GT owner; my company is a supplier for the Ford Motor Company; I am a collector; I consider myself as an influencer of public opinion; etc, etc – the process is unlikely to be a walk in the park.

Not that this will quell the appetite for a machine that’s set to become an instant classic, and we expect Ford to be deluged with applications. Should you decide that you have the right stuff, you’ll need to act fast: the first round closes on May 24.