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Diamonds to Dust

Can finely-crushed diamonds actually do wonders for your skin, like so many cosmetic companies claim? 

This article is a condensed version of the original piece that appeared in the August issue.

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but over the past several years those shiny little rocks have cuddled up to the cosmetics and wellness sectors as well. As suspicious as the idea sounds, diamond dust is actually one of the better materials to exfoliate the skin (even teeth) without causing damage, and adds a tinge of luminosity to the skin when finely crushed – say the experts. 

All of this makes the opportunity to try the “Diamonds Are Forever” treatment at W Bangkok’s AWAY Spa so much more irresistible. 

W Bangkok Hotel; Photo Courtesy W Bangkok Hotel; PrestigeOnline

W Bangkok Hotel; Photo Courtesy W Bangkok Hotel; PrestigeOnline

The Atmosphere

Once passing through the doors for the first time you are greeted with the familiar stress-relieving staples of any spa: soft music and attentive staff who help you choose your treatment – and hand you a delicious lime and honey mocktail. However, the unique options available at AWAY Spa become apparent before the treatment even begins when you are asked to choose between the facility’s unique glowing beds – ranging from green, red, purple or pink. Of course, every colour has a different effect on your mood, they say, and I went with green for calmness and relaxation.

One of the main facets of the “Diamonds Are Forever” treatment is precise control over the sensory experience. The music is never too loud, the air-conditioning is not too cold and the therapists are polite and discreet. The water in the shower is adjusted in advance according to your wishes. Every detail considered, and meticulously executed without disrupting the tranquil feeling of your surroundings. 

W Bangkok Hotel; Hammam; Photo Courtesy W Bangkok Hotel; PrestigeOnline

W Bangkok Hotel; Hammam; Photo Courtesy W Bangkok Hotel; PrestigeOnline

The Treatment

Each of the three stages involved in the treatment detox and purify your skin with all natural 100-percent diamond powder.

First, a salt scrub exfoliates the skin, removing dead cells and making it smooth and ready for the nutrients of the body wrap ahead. After a warm shower comes the aloe vera moisturising body mask – where the fun begins. Wrapped in a warm cocoon to help the ingredients penetrate your skin, the therapist lets you gently fall asleep to the sounds of soothing music while your body absorbs the treatment. The whole experience is divine and supremely relaxing.

After drifting back into consciousness, a relaxing aroma oil massage completes the three-phase treatment. Your therapist will once again check with you on the room’s temperature, light, pressure and any specific muscles you would like them to focus on. The pressure and technique were both on the money in my case. Two hours will be over before you know it – leaving you refreshed, revitalised and walking out feeling polished like a diamond.