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Get to the root of the problem with heavy-duty excavators for all those bumps

Excavate: Cakey make-up isn’t the only thing clogging up your complexion. Fine atmospheric dust, sweat, pollution and everyday exposure to the elements can all create the perfect storm for your pores. Before bed, wash away the day using Lyanature’s Gel Klenzer, which is formulated with camellia-seed oil, coconut oil and geranium oil to extract excess sebum and deeplyembedded dirt from hard-to-reach crevices. When your skin is in need of an ultra-deep cleaning, apply this thick gel cleanser as a mask in tandem with warm water and a soft-bristled pore brush.

Decongest: Imbued with detoxifying neroli extract that regulates microcirculation and fuels tissue drainage, Chanel’s Le Lift Recontouring Massage Mask helps deflate puffy, congested skin. This refreshing mask, which transforms into an oil upon contact with the skin, is designed to be applied in conjunction with Chanel’s tailormade massage technique. Encompassing four distinct steps – the V-Shape Movement, the Reshaping Movement, the Lifting Movement and the Depuffing Movement – Le Lift Recontouring Massage Mask encourages a smoother, fresher finish in just five minutes.

Irrigate: When the skin’s delicate barrier becomes unbalanced due to prolonged sun exposure, smoke, smog or garden-variety stress, its moisture content is thrown out of whack, leading to dehydration and sensitivity. Lancôme’s Hydra Zen Masque offers 24 hours of continuous moisture to restore, re-plump and rehydrate parched skin, reigniting its inner glow. Postmask, apply Clé de Peau Beauté’s Le Serum – now dressed up in the limited-edition Collection Bal Masque Motif – which is a pearlescent drop of liquid radiance. Harnessing the brand’s proprietary Illuminating Complex, this silky emulsion reawakens skin’s natural brilliance by addressing dullness at the cellular level.

Restructure: As collagen production begins to wane, the skin’s internal support structure – its cellular matrix – starts to break down, leading to unevenness, wrinkles and laxity. To re-pave a coarse-looking complexion, Guerlain’s Orchidée Impériale The Mask envelopes skin with rich mango-seed butter for an instant infusion of nutrition. Gold Orchid Technology and a soy protein extract firm and tone areas of slackness for a smoother, more uniform texture. After just one use, clinical tests demonstrated a 22 percent improvement in firmness. How’s that for heavy duty?