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Liberate your skin from occlusive, pore-clogging products and embrace a clean, featherweight summer routine

IN A CITY LIKE Hong Kong, congestion is a way of life: congested streets, congested airways, congested complexions. When you add skyrocketing heat and humidity to the mix, it’s a wonder we don’t all suffocate.
Pollution is one prime pore-clogger, but garden-variety sweat also contributes to obstructed skin. When you’re outside, your sebaceous glands kick into overdrive, pumping out sweat to cool the skin’s surface and prevent organs from overheating. As soon as you step back inside, all that wetness is freeze-dried onto your face by an arctic blast of air-conditioning.
Although you may be tempted to bare it all when the mercury rises, your best bet is to enlist a lightweight, detoxifying regime that’ll prevent clogged pores and blockages.
To deeply cleanse your complexion without disturbing its delicate lipid barrier, try Helena Rubinstein’s Pure Ritual Care-in-Foam. Its mousse-like texture is imbued with glycolic acid to break down gunky blockages, while four fatty acids ensure that skin stays baby-smooth.
When dead cells accumulate on the skin’s surface, that’s a recipe for breakouts and blemishes. Reignite your glow with La Prairie’s Cellular Mineral Face Exfoliator, which is formulated with round exfoliating beads – as well as mineral-enriched gem powders – to extract excess residue and debris without irritating or inflaming the skin.
Scary stat: every day, your skin is accosted by nearly seven billion toxins, which snuff out its dewy lustre and stall regeneration. Dior’s One Essential Intense Skin Detoxifying Booster Serum acts as a breath of fresh air, detoxifying suffocated skin and fortifying its processes of cellular renewal and respiration.
The delicate eye contour is especially susceptible to the ravages of a summer climate, so Fresh divined its antioxidant-enriched Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream to protect the eyes’ moisture balance with a cooling gel-like texture.
Some sunscreens are sticky and thick, adding a cakey layer that clogs pores. But Chanel’s Perfection Lumière Velvet Smooth-Effect Makeup SPF 15 is a second-skin foundation that leaves behind a weightless, matt finish thanks to transparent soft-focus powders.
Heavyweight anti-ageing ingredients meet a featherweight formula in Giorgio Armani’s Crema Nera Extrema Cream Light Texture, which spurs cellular repair and balances hydration with a botanical extract mined from an arid, unforgiving landscape in South Africa.