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Siamese Beauty Secrets by Thanes

The local luxury brand harnesses the power of nature to produce luxurious beauty products for the modern woman.


Endless synthetic chemicals and parabens being applied onto the face results in a future where we don’t know what our skin will look like. Let’s be honest, there’s no sure way to say that we’re playing it safe when we’re using creams and lotions filled with ingredients we can’t even pronounce the names of. Thanes takes away the stress of second guessing what will happen to our skin by delivering to the modern woman what she needs most: the help of mother nature. Because when it comes to taking care of our skin, it is a known fact that the answer can always be found in nature.

Having been established since 1979, Dr. Thanes Lab Co., Ltd has for years harnessed the wealth of the botanical world, creating solutions for various skincare problems encountered by most women, using distinctively Thai ingredients. Bringing back the ancient wisdom of herbology, the skincare brand aims to solve common skin problems caused by stress, ageing, fatigue and dryness by using the most effective natural ingredients found in mother nature. These have been tried and tested to form part of a treasured tradition that spans over 40 years.

From ingredients such as red algae, a great source of antioxidants and a skin brightening agent that promotes an even skin tone and furthermore lightens dark spots; or mangosteen, which controls excess oils and treats acne; to monkey fruit tree which reduces melanin content and brightens the skin; and moringa, which contains active purification and anti-pollution properties, there is no greater alternative for the modern woman who is surrounded in today’s fast-paced, high-stress environment.



Botanical Elixir

One of the brand’s most noble endeavours thus far has been the Botanical Elixir, a lightweight, fast absorbing serum that works wonders day and night to capture your skin’s youth and restore its natural radiance. Formulated with a highly potent blend of specialised botanical compounds – antioxidants, free-radical fighters, intense hydrators, brighteners, melanin stabilizers, collagen catalysts, purifiers –  the natural ingredients work together to both reverse existing signs of ageing and prevent further skin damage. The ingredients of this elixir include: Red Algae, a great source of antioxidants as well as a promoter of even skin tone; Monkey Fruit Tree, which reduces melanin content; Cassava, an anti-ageing agent; Prickly Pear, a natural exfoliator that restores dull skin; Asiatic Pennyworth, which stimulates collagen biosynthesis, as well as moisturizes and promotes wound healing and more.

If you are health conscious and looking for alternative avenues for skin regeneration and healing, Thanes is definitely worth a try. The ceramic bottle of the Botanical Elixir is priced at 4,950 Baht and the regular Botanical Elixir is prices at 4,500 Baht.

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