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Harmony and Radiance with Synactif Gel Cream Perfume

Clé de Peau Beauté’s limited edition formula will leave skin fragrant and smooth.


A limited edition Gel Cream Perfume with notes of rose synactif, juniper berry, lotus element and jasmine has been exquisitely combined by  Clé de Peau Beauté in celebration of its 10th anniversary. With a dewy texture that leaves the skin visibly soft and smooth, Synactif Gel Cream Perfume also releases its gorgeous fragrance in response to changing body temperatures in order to maintain its perfume intensity all day long. Gone are the days worrying about perfume fading while the skin is left feeling dry.



Evoking a sense of pure beauty, Synactif Gel Cream Perfume is formulated with the exclusive ingredient “LAPQ” that actively encourages the full beauty potential of the skin. As if purifying the skin and spirit, the fragrance of the rose synactif – which is the key inspiration behind Synactif Gel Cream Perfume – is a harmony of six notes: lemon, anise, basil, rose, verbena and lemongrass. The scent of jasmine, elegantly sweet and lovely, is found to invite relaxation. The lotus element of the gel cream further provides a complex of effective stress-soothing components.

Synactif Gel Cream Perfume’s five-step regime is at the forefront of innovation, pinpointing key areas of the skin that facilitate and enhance the properties and release of the beauty product. The special application embodies a ritual of wellbeing:

Step 1: Scoop two pearl-sized amounts with the petal spatula.
Step 2: With fingers, apply behind the ear, then smooth down the neck, continuing down the inner arm to the wrist.
Step 3: Stroke back up the arm and lightly press the armpit.
Step 4: Repeat on the other side.
Step 5: Stroke down the neck and lightly press the hollows of the collarbone to encourage lymphatic flow.



After being tested on 107 women aged 21-60 in the US over two weeks at the beginning of 2017, 94% of the women stated that after two weeks’ application, Synactif Gel Cream Perfume left the skin feeling soft and smooth and 84% stated that the fragrance has a long lasting effect.

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