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10 New Fragrances For Your Year-End Shopping

Check out latest scents from Dior, Jo Malone, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and many more.

Nothing feels like cruising into the festive season with a new scent you have just splurged on. Sparkling makeup aside, nothing could usher you into a new season the way a new scent can. From the lush floral explosion of Gucci Bloom Nettare di Fiori to the dark sensuality of Cire Trudon’s Mortel, Prestige selects 10 scents to satisfy your year-end olfactory craving.


Gucci Bloom Nettare di Fiori


gucci bloom

The final scent from the first chapter of Alessandro Michele’s fragrance portfolio, Gucci Bloom Nettare di Fiori explores the mysterious and intimate character of a woman, her authenticity, confidence and unconventionality by capturing flowers at the fullness of their bloom with notes of roses and Osmanthus flower intensified by jasmine, Rangoon keeper and tuberose at the heart before ending with an enigmatic finish in base notes of patchouli, musks and osmanthus.

Price THB3,900 (30mL), 5,400 (50mL) and 7,000 (90mL)


Le Labo Tonka 25


le labo

Le Labo launched its first boutique in Thailand at King Power Rannam last month with its latest Tonka 25, the first fragrance in 3 years. Representing a darker and much addictive repertoire of this niche perfume house, Tonka 25 conjures up an image of the humid summer underwoods, their seeds and resins, being spring led with layers of musks and sweetened with drops of vanilla. Tonka, the main note and star of the brand’s seasonal launch, are the seeds of Cumaru, a tree native to Central America. Mixed with cedar atlas, orange flower absolute, styrax resin and musks, the scent is rich, woody, musky and well, unisex if you like the word.

Price: THB9,035 for 100mL

Creed Aventus


creed aventus

Creed has just opened the first flagship boutique in Asia at Emquartier. With it comes a massive range of iconic scents as well as the Parisian house’s latest release Aventus — a masculine scent with notes of blackcurrant, bergamot, apples softened by the heart of jasmine, patchouli and birch, with musk, oak moss, ambergris and vanilla strengthening the scent at the base.

Contact store for prices.

Facebook: Creed Parfums Thailand

Maison Christian Dior Rose Kabuki


dior rose kabuki

Perfume fanatics know the word Maison Christian Dior means something that goes beyond basic — scents crafted with absolute imagination for which perfumer François Demachy does all his heart’s desires. Rose Kabuki draws on the house’s eternal love for Asia. It’s delicately nuanced, while its floral nature is emphasised with an expressive duo of Damascena Rose Essence and Absolute. This tender heart is surrounded by powdery musks that gently veil the «kabuki» flower, lending it an air of theatrical majesty.

Price: THB3,800 (40mL), 8,500 (125mL) and THB12,000 (250mL)

Cire Trudon Mortel


cire trudon mortel

The arrival of Cire Trudon Perfumes at luxury beauty store BFF has brought with it an array of niche scents for those who prefer being different. Of all the 5 launches, Mortel stands between the easier, more friendly perfumes like Bruma and II and the difficult, smoky and leathery one like Revolution. The burst of frankincense dries down into the dark and waxy resin, leaving the powdery warmth of benzoin and Virginia cedar lingering in your skin.

Price 9,500 for 100mL


Jo Malone Honeysuckle and Davana


Twenty-two years ago when Jo Malone first touched honeysuckle, it stole our heart, and took our breath away. The lovely Honeysuckle and Jasmine cologne is a legend — a scent we put on a pedestal. Now, in 2018, Jo Malone decides it would once again embrace the sweetness of honeysuckle, and reinterprets it into a more unisex Honeysuckle and Davana. This time, the sweetness of rose and honeysuckle is shrouded in the spiciness of davana and greenish moss, making it a floral scent with a powerful twist.

Price: THB2,700 (30mL) and THB5,400 (100mL)


Les Parfums Louis Vuitton Attrape-Reves


Louis Vuitton’s latest perfume bears a name that can be beautifully translated as “dream catcher,” referring to the brand’s aim to capture the magical feeling of fleeting moments through fresh and spicy notes — bergamot, ginger, lychee, peony, cocoa flower, Turkish rose, and patchouli. The scent is luminous and sensual, rich and yet alluring — perfect for any cool day in winter.

PriceL TH9,300 (100Ml) and THB13,200 (200mL)


Tom Ford Lost Cherry


Tom Ford never disappoints. Period. Everything he touches, it turns into gold. The new perfume has a scent that doesn’t betray its naughty name — Lost Cherry is sensual, sweet and sexy. A contrasting scent that reveals a tempting dichotomy of playful, candy-like gleam on the outside and a luscious flesh on the inside. The tart sweetness of black cherry and almond at the top eventually gives way to woodier notes like Turkish rose, jasmine sambac, tonka beans, sandalwood, and vetiver, and cedar.

Price : THB12,000 for 50mL


Chanel No.5 Red Edition


It’s the scent you all have known so well. But Chanel No.5 rises once again with the Red Limited Edition. The minimal glass bottle is now shrouded in lush, shining red shade — a colour — a colour that symbolises the allure of femininity. Well, even if you’re not a fan of No.5, the sight of this legendary bottle painted in red on your vanity table is too tempting to let the idea of buying one pass. By the way, there’s a crystal version priced at THB1,156,950 if you’re interested!

Price: THB7,800 for 100mL


Byredo Eleventh Hour


We love Byredo, so much so that we spend our daily prayer session wishing for its arrival in Thailand. The concept behind this new scent is to explores the idea ‘of things ending, a journey to the end of Time, and the last perfume on Earth.’ It’s composed as the last perfume you’d wear in your life, and delivers just that. The top notes are peppery and citrusy, smoothened by wild fig at its core before drying down into the woody sweetness of tonka beans and cashmere woods.

Price: USD165 (50mL) and USD250 (100mL)

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