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Luxury Instagram Accounts to Follow

Fill your feed with the finer things in life.


If you’re in the “my Instagram makes me feel awful about my life” boat, you probably didn’t realise the art of curating a beautiful Instagram feed and the importance of enrichening selection. And if you’re all about the finer things in life, we’ve done a bit of the work for you. Here are 18 luxury-driven and Prestige-worthy Instagram accounts that are beautiful, current, informative and all demonstrate a diehard commitment to what matters most: luxury. Enjoy.



Lovers of classic cars will really appreciate this one. RM Sotheby’s is an auction house that specialises in the world’s rarest and most expensive classic cars. And they have photographers who really know how to work a camera. Chosen examples of the specialist photography used for their catalogues, as well as coverage of their events, makes their way to this Instagram account, which now has almost 100,000 followers.




000magazine itself is actually a quarterly art journal focused on Porsche, and it’s no surprise that some of its stunning photos find themselves on Instagram. Its unusual name — spoken as “Triple Zero” — is a reference to Porsche’s three-digit model type numerology. Although it’s all Porsche, you’ve definitely got a bit of everything: heritage, classic, vintage to current. We didn’t know falling in love with cars was possible but apparently it is.





Run by a New York lawyer and entrepreneur, the account prides itself in “original historical watch posts”. The account also isn’t just a “man’s man” account, as it also features the more flamboyant, fun and even jewellery-focused timepieces that will make even the most anti of timekeepers stop dead in their tracks, just to give that pic a double tap. Pictures featured come from all sorts of watch-lovers which makes it truly representative, from photographers and auction houses to collectors the world over, so you’ll be sure to revel in the variety.




Aman’s gorgeous Instagram account showcases luxury travel at its finest. The account includes imagery of Aman’s hotels worldwide, hinting at the extent of high-end luxury experiences that all money can afford when guests stay in any Aman Hotel. The brand boasts 31 destinations in 20 countries. As part of their social media strategy, the account also involves guests by encouraging them to share their images with hashtags #amanjunkie or #amanjunkies, to help raise the brand’s profile. At a staggering 172,000 followers, it’s no wonder why the account has been such a huge hit.




Departures Magazine is probably the account that mixes international travel and culture the most. Here you’ll find a definitive source for the world’s best high-end travel, shopping, fashion, art, culture and more. It’s for sure one of our go-to’s when we’re looking for some inspiration. You’ll find anything from looks of Gucci’s latest runway and the Royal Ballet London performance announcements to new Porsches, restaurants and hotel launches. The added value that Departures offers is its cultural omnipresence that always hints to luxury. Because… luxury has no borders.




Some luxury brands oversell themselves and in so doing, sell themselves short. Too much promotion and price-tags without something a little more creatively-inclined can make a brand ugly. But when you find a brand that really does take its visual aesthetic seriously, that is, with a definitive bend towards the arts, then you realise why fashion is so important. Burberry is one of those brands, in real life and on Instagram; Every picture of this account has an eye for vivid colours, tones, textures, patterns and shapes; an attention to detail and a clear eye for the beautiful. When you scroll down its feed, there isn’t even one picture you wouldn’t want to look at.




Gucci is another one you could spend a day scrolling through. A true gallery showcases its art in the best light; the gallery of Gucci à la Instagram does just that. It’s especially convenient for grasping the season’s looks in full or as individual pieces, from shoes to bags, jackets to dresses and also viewing all the art works and illustrations that come with each collection. The style of pictures change with every season, so one can fully grasp the genuine journey of Gucci through its seasons. What’s even more beautiful is that no matter how far down you go, nothing ever looks out of season. If you’ve scrolled as far down as we have, you’ll see that even posts from two years ago are as good as gold. All’s fair in art and fashion. Love it.




Clothes made by the Thai designer Disaya Sorakraikitikul under her eponymous brand are, for want of a better word, just plain pretty. When you look at them, your mood is immediately lifted, because the soirée between the colours and shapes of her dresses to the looks of the women wearing them is, again so pretty. This is the type of Instagram that would get a girl who only chooses to wear black back into wearing vivid colours again. Also featured on the account are the brand’s stunning jewellery collections, art works and original sketches.





Thai brand Poem transports you back in time to the 1940s and 1950s when fashion was married to glamour. We have been in love with this fashion house for years as the designs radiate strength, elegance, femininity and a timeless look. Follow this account and we guarantee you will be delighted by its pure poetry.






Okay, diamonds are lovely and definitely a girl’s best friend – depending on her mood ­– but they can get a bit dull sometimes. Nothing really beats colour. And as Bulgari is readily known as the jeweller that isn’t afraid to play with bold colours and all sorts of twinkling gemstones, then it’s only natural to assume that its Instagram account is a gorgeous and ongoing work of art. The contemporary Roman jeweller that’s been doing it for longer than most jewellery houses – since 1884 ­– is a master of coloured gems and integrating them into timepieces and clutches too. Bulgari is stunning; and with Bella Hadid practically being considered a part of the Bulgari family, you know that you’re in for some absolutely stunning visuals daily if you follow @bulgariofficial.




Here is the account of one of Thailand’s youngest fine jewellery designers, Patcharavipa Bodiratnangkura. Her account is a true work of art in itself, featuring a mix of pictures of herself, her life journey and her fine jewellery. This is the type of account that automatically calms you with it subtle tones, empowering quotes and ordered chi. And her jewellery is obviously stunning. You could of course follow the official Patcharavipa account, but seeing it through the eyes of its founder just adds a much more personal touch.





So, Cedric Grolet apparently has people walking into his patisserie daily touting “Instagram, Instagram, Instagram”, purely because they’ve seen all the wonderful creations he’s posted. His Instagram will literally make you want to cry… partly because all the desserts he posts are so beautiful but partly because one realizes that if they are scrolling through his feed, they probably aren’t lucky enough to be sitting in his patisserie in Paris’ Le Meurice hotel trying one of his masterpieces. This guy is a true master in the kitchen. He wasn’t named the World’s Best Restaurant Pastry Chef for nothing… and we feel a part of it is thanks to his Instagram for getting the word – and visuals ­– out there. The way to our heart is dessert. Also, the chef himself isn’t too bad looking either. You’re welcome!





Juan Pablo Molyneux is the world-renowned Chilean interior designer who has worked on the best of projects in the US, Europe, Middle-East and Asia. Opposite to a minimalist – as he says minimalism stems from a lack of creativity and imagination – ­ but still not one to call himself a maximalist, Molyneux has a different way of “being” altogether: his work is full of character, rich and inimitable. And his Instagram feed reflects just that: real, rich art, fabulous taste, exquisite designs and architecture and images of luxury we thought no longer existed in today’s “modern and minimalist world”. Enjoy.




If you’re looking for inspiration on what you want your next home to look like and you’re brainstorming visions, then this is the Instagram account for you. Bear in mind that most, if not all of the homes featured here are based solely on US soil. This is American luxury at its finest. Not a house pic gets old with this one.




Okay, we didn’t choose this account because it shares our name! Although, you do know you’re onto something with a name like that. With that said, flowers are beautiful and enlightened things to look at. One cannot deny the beauty of flowers and the power they have to lift our mood. And smelling them is even better. So by all means, fill your feed with flowers. This account features beautiful bouquets daily that will perk you right up. Men should follow this account to keep up to date with the bouquets they should regularly be sending their loved ones, ahem, not just on Valentine’s Day… and women should follow this account to make sure their man knows which bouquets they should be buying. Win-win.



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