Michael Loh


Chairman and CEO

As the new Chairman and CEO of ASTI Holdings, Michael Loh is actively involved in the strategic planning and business growth of the technology group. Loh, who took the position in June 2013, brought to ASTI more than 32 years of experience in wafer fabrication, R&D and the assembly, testing and distribution of semiconductor products. His 20 years in Silicon Valley has also equipped him with practical business experience and a strong network of contacts in the semiconductor industry. Loh is also the executive chairman and CEO of Advanced System Automations Limited and Dragon Group International Limited. Cash rich after disposing its electronics business in early 2013, Dragon Group announced plans in November to acquire Australian firm AMMS Group's industrial and resources maintenance business for A$12 million (S$13.5 million) to $18 million. The deal includes a two-year profit guarantee of $4 million for financial year 2014 and $5 million in 2015.


ASTI Holdings