Yiping Goh

Best known for establishing AllDealsAsia.com, a site which gathers daily e-commerce deals in one place, Goh Yiping admits that her “entrepreneurial itch” is a tough one to ignore. She has since backed many practical apps and services, and more recently, has become a founding member and product and technology head at Indonesian shopping website MatahariMall.com, an initiative of the Lippo Group.

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur in the digital realm?

1)  In the initial phase, be able to execute digital ideas through a strong technical team, preferably in-house. A digital product, whether a website or an app, may look simple to do, but needs constant iterations to meet users’ needs.

2) Realise that not all ideas are equal. Some can potentially be successful, while others may not be substantial or sustainable. Keep testing product-market fit to find where demand lies.

3) In the long run, how an entrepreneur can persist is largely due to his/her own perseverance — to keep going even when they have doubts about their product.