Clement Zheng

Currently pursuing a Masters of Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, the industrial designer was named one of the rising furniture designers at International Furniture Fair Singapore 2015’s Asian Star Showcase. He is known for using algorithms to improve the personalisation, fabrication and assembly of furniture.

How do digital designs fit into the current climate where designers tend to focus on handmade elements?

“Underlying the resurgence of handmade goods is the bigger notion of craft. It is a critical reaction that designers have in this world where almost everything comes to us ready-made; and this spirit of craft is as important in digital design as it is in making things by hand.

Many digital designers have approached their work with a mindset rooted in craft practice. As part of my ongoing research, I collaborated with a ceramic artist to produce a series of interactive ceramic lamps. The artist was responsible for creating the form and texture of its body, while I focused on its electronics and programming.

I believe there is a lot of room for us to critically examine the state of digital design and craft offers us one such lens.”