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Peck on Peking

Drawing on the culinary influence of China, Paradise Pavilion invites you to an exquisite imperial dining experience enjoyed by emperors of the past. By Rachel The

Expect your palate to be treated to a feast worthy for a king. Beijing’s world-famous Peking duck will feature in a two-month promotion at Paradise Pavilion from August 5 to September 30, 2013. Freshly roasted upon order in a fire brick oven, and carved deftly before diners, the national dish of China just so happens to be Paradise Pavilion’s very own signature dish, too.
Billed as the “Taste of Peking”, the eight-dish set menu has been designed around the restaurant’s much-hailed apple wood roasted Peking duck. The other courses, including sautéed prawn with “dragon well” leaves with broccoli, steamed live marble goby with “nu er hong” and homemade glutinous rice ball with osmanthus wine, were picked to enhance the sophisticated taste of the Beijing delicacy.
If, for whatever reason, you’re still hungry after the experience, you may also want to check out the à la carte menu, which has lately received new additions ranging from chilled parma ham with cucumber roll to savoury braised lamb with pan-fried spring onion pancake.
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