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Lok-ing Mighty Fine

Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant offers an exclusive experience that appeals to diners seeking more than just a meal

With its tasteful marriage of opulent Chinese decor and muted modern accents, Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant at Carlton Hotel Singapore spins its own take on Oriental chic, all the while ensuring the authenticity and quality of its Cantonese cuisine.

The establishment’s assurance of a memorable dining experience stems from the equal emphasis it places on both food and ambience. Having recently treated both its menu and interior to glamorous makeovers, the restaurant now boasts exotic seafood items — alongside perennial favourites such as dim sum, shark’s fin with crab meat wrapped in egg white and baked cod in banana leaf — complemented by an all-new, stylish setting.

Designed specifically to cater to the most discerning of consumers, this fine-dining eatery presents an all-rounded sensory experience. Patrons will get to indulge in the harmonious combination of the traditional and the contemporary — a poetic design conceptualised by the internationally-recognised Hirsch Bedner Associates. This new image includes a feast for the eyes, where high-polished marble, matte-finished stone walls, dark-lacquered arches, stucco-painted screen panels and polished brass metal accents are the order of the day.

There is also a majestic private dining area for guests who wish to host larger gatherings or celebrations. Smaller groups who seek a more intimate space may enjoy one of the nine bespoke exclusive rooms available, with their luxurious array of textures offered in the furnishings.

The premium dishes served are also designed to excite diners’ senses with their rich aromas, exquisite flavours and radiant hues. Prepared by a skilful team of Hong Kong Master Chefs helmed by the experienced Executive Chef Ng Wai Tong, this superior selection includes signature dishes, such as the baked stuffed sea whelk, braised shark’s fin wrapped with egg white in carrot soup, and lobster mee sua.

Wah Lok fans would also be pleased to find that, despite the changes, the restaurant’s popular lunchtime dim sum remains. A variety of favourites is offered, including the baked barbecued pork buns and baked mini egg tarts. Delectable new creations have also been added to the list, namely steamed bamboo fungus and vegetable dumpling, baked diced abalone and chicken pie, and baked custard bun.

With all these in place, it is no wonder that diners leave with so much more than just warm bellies and satiated appetites.

Level 2 Carlton Hotel, 76 Bras Basah Road; 6311-8188

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