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Keep Calm and Caviar On: TWG Tea Now Offers Caviar On The Menu

Fancy having your caviar with a cup of tea or bubbly tea? Now you can with the TWG Tea Caviar set.

It’s no longer just caviar tins that TWG Tea designs and presents. Singapore’s top tea specialist has now introduced its first offering of the glistening golden pearls to be enjoyed by patrons, all housed in a custom-branded caviar tin that is ironically not circular. Choose to pair the TWG Tea Caviar set with either a cup of tea or the typical coupling of sparkling wine.

“Slide open” the special oblong-shaped TWG Tea caviar tin to behold its 15g content of Oscietra Prestige Caviar sourced in partnership with the House of Kaviari, a Paris-based wholesale supplier.

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These amber-coloured roes are harvested from the Russian sturgeon so expect good-sized grains. Connoisseurs and epicureans will appreciate the subtle pop followed by mild oceanic and nutty flavours.

TWG Tea Caviar

Caviar is often enjoyed via a nacre or wooden spoon but TWG Tea changes the game a fair bit by presenting a special glass spoon to scoop those gems. Also, instead of being served with toasted baguette or plain Russian blinis, TWG Tea’s assortment of sides includes chopped capers; chives and red onions; boiled egg yolk; boiled egg whites; and a duet of Matcha blinis and crème fraiche.

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Your decadent teatime feast wouldn’t be entirely complete without a warm cup of Smoky Earl Grey, a tea blended with Russian notes of smoky black tea and fragrant bergamot. TWG Tea calls it “the perfect accompaniment to enhance the flavours of the caviar.”

While caviar has a good chance of working with the tea, its ultimate pairing buddy would categorically be with something bubbly.

The invigorating sensation of sparkling wine and the salty traces of these little eggs would be a sublime combination. Caviar, in itself, may be glamorous but when it softens in the palate with a fine sparkling wine, this is when the magic happens. Also, incoming shameless plug: TWG Tea recommends pairing the caviar with its Prestige Cocktail, clearly named after us. This special edition cocktail has sparkling white wine infused with Houjicha, a traditional Japanese favourite type of tea.


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