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Five Dumplings to Relish in 2014

Chinese restaurants are taking on the traditional dumpling with a modern twist. Here are five to try this Dragon Boat Festival.

Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Golden Dried Scallops and Pork Belly
Meat lovers are sure to delight in this one from Yan Ting. A combination of tender roasted duck meat and fatty pork belly — complemented with fragrant dried scallops and salted egg yolk — this one boasts a mouth-watering mix of flavours to relish. Other introductions by the hotel restaurant this year include Abalone and Golden Dried Scallops, and a vegetarian option, the Vegetarian Sweet Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Lotus Seed Paste.
Yan Ting, Level 1U, The St Regis Singapore; Tel: 6506 6887

Braised Beef Brisket Dumpling
This creation by dim sum chef Simon Poon was inspired by Man Fu Yuan’s perennial favourite dish — beef brisket, tripe and tendon braised with spices. Embedded in a cushion of flavourful glutinous rice, it is as aromatic as the dish itself. Before you wonder, yes, its popular XO Sauce Nyonya Dumpling made with roasted pork, XO sauce, winter melon and dried shrimp, is still on the menu.
Man Fu Yuan, Level 2, Intercontinental Hotel Singapore, Tel: 6825 1008

Truffle “Dong-Bo” Abalone Dumpling
Combining premium ingredients from the East and West, this dumpling from Szechuan Court is surely one to relish. Black truffle is paired exquisitely with the traditional “Dong-Bo” pork belly, premium Japanese shiitake mushrooms and baby abalones (which has been stewed in “Dong-Bo” sauce for three hours). All packaged in glutinous rice, the dumpling is then topped with slices of black truffle for this decadent delight.
Szechuan Court, Level 3, Fairmont Singapore; Tel: 6431 6156

Bird’s Nest with Coconut Rice Dumpling
Shang Palace’s Master Chef Steven Ng has added five rice dumplings to its menu but it’s this one that caught our attention the most. A sweet treat for dessert lovers, the bundle is packed with bird’s nest and toasted coconut flakes for added health benefits. (Bird’s nest is known to boost immunity and to repair cells and body tissues for a more radiant complexion.) Other items include the fragrant Black Garlic with Lotus Seed Paste and the Eight Treasure Vegetarian Rice Dumpling.
Shang Palace, Level 1, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore; Tel: 6213 4473 / 6213 4398

Abalone Steamed Rice Dumpling
Making use of one of the most sought-after Chinese seafood delicacies, Summer Palace’s chef Leong Kwok Sing introduced the Abalone Steamed Rice Dumpling this year. Filled generously with abalone, roast duck, dried scallops and salted egg yolk, the flavour of this extravagant dish is heightened wonderfully with black mushrooms, chestnuts and green beans. If you prefer a sweeter option, give the Osmanthus Red Date Steamed Rice Dumpling (another new creation) a try.
Summer Palace, Level 3, Regent Singapore; Tel: 6725 3288