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Dumplings we can’t wait to try

This May 30, celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with these hearty bundles of goodness.

1. Resort World Sentosa presents a dumpling feast

RWS brings back its signature Dumpling Festival Package after a wildly successful run last year. Curated by the chefs of five different restaurants, the collection of five dumplings is defined by the signature culinary concept of each establishment. Tangerine’s vegetarian organic barley and quinoa dumpling; Forest森’s sea whelk, dried oyster and Hokkaido dried scallop dumpling; Osia Steak and Seafood Grill’s five spice kurobuta pork dumpling; Fengshui Inn’s grains rice dumpling with Australian wild abalone; and Syun’s unagi dumpling will definitely satisfy anyone and everyone.

Pre-order available until May 27

Tel: 6577 6688;


2. Fullerton Hotel revisits old favourites

Jade restaurant’s Chinese Executive Chef Leong Chee Yeng serves its “Best of the Best” — five of its top-selling dumpling varieties: The Fullerton Five-spice Glutinous Rice Dumpling, the vegetarian five-grain and cordyceps fungus glutinous rice dumpling, the sambal chicken quinoa and glutinous rice dumpling, the traditional salted pork glutinous rice dumpling, and the Hong Kong-style abalone glutinous rice dumpling. To further celebrate the festival, baskets of rice dumplings, the Golden Treasures, a set of 8 assorted dumplings in four flavours, and the Auspicious Celebration, a set of 10 assorted rice dumplings in all five popular flavours, are perfect gifts.

Until May 30

Tel: 6877 8943;


3. St Regis serves gourmet rice dumplings

Foie gras with duck, abalone with pork belly, and mushrooms with black truffle might be more uncommon ingredients for glutinous rice dumplings. Yan Ting restaurant, however, will be handcrafting this gourmet selection of three dumplings to serve scrumptious and healthier varieties. The Glutinous Rice Dumpling Gift Set includes one of each of the three flavours, present your loved ones with an extraordinary gastronomic experience.

Until June 4

Tel: 6506 6887;


4. Mandarin Oriental’s gift to you

Head to Cherry Garden for a trio of delights: The perennial favourite black garlic glutinous rice dumplings is packed with tender Kurobuta pork belly and bamboo charcoal powder, which create an explosion of flavour and a unique hue; the signature golden pearl dumpling is filled with slow-braised baby abalone, pork belly, mung beans, mushrooms, chestnuts, salted egg yolk and lotus seeds; and the red yeast glutinous rice dumplings features minced chicken with aromatic notes of fermented rice wine.

Until May 30

Tel: 6885 3500;


5. Conrad Centennial paddles a variety of dumplings to you

Celebrate this Dragon Boat Festival at Golden Peony with a variety of dumplings, from its highlight, the newly unveiled London duck X.O. sauce rice dumpling, which is filled with succulent roast duck meat and chunks of delicate pork belly, complemented with Golden Peony’s signature homemade X.O. sauce. The list does not stop there: Healthier options, such as the wholesome vegetarian multigrain rice dumpling filled with decadent black truffle, and the golden pumpkin rice dumpling will suit the health-conscious, and the Singapore chilli crab rice dumpling is back by popular demand.

Until May 30

Tel: 6432 7482;  


6. Pan Pacific Hotel returns to the roots of the festival

Hai Tien Lo is serving a range of dumplings — classic, Nyonya, Cantonese and lighter varieties — all hand-wrapped in bamboo leaves. The new pork dumpling with preserved vegetables offers a whiff of nostalgia with its mellow saltiness and flavourful five-spice. The traditional Cantonese jumbo rice dumpling incorporates premium ingredients such as dried oysters and scallops, Japanese mushroom, succulent pork belly and salted egg yolk with premium glutinous rice. For a taste of the Straits, opt for the traditional Nyonya pork dumpling, packed with pork and winter melon. You can also share the taste of variety with the Premium Rice Dumplings Gift Set, which comprises four decadent flavours.

Until May 30

Tel: 6826 8240;


7. Bundles of treasures to be found at Sheraton Towers

Finding the right combination for contemporary rice dumpling is not an easy task, but award-winning Chef Chung Yiu Ming of Li Bai has created a selection of three savoury bundles that are filled with premium traditional and contemporary ingredients. Contemporary dumplings such as the abalone and pumpkin rice dumpling, and the Wagyu and matsutake mushroom rice dumpling — filled with Australian Wagyu beef and perfumed with the earthy aroma of prized matsutake mushroom — are premium choices when it comes to the timeless tradition.

Until May 30

Tel: 6839 5623;


8.  Goodwood Park Hotel juggles savoury and sweet

Min Jiang presents two delightful new flavours — Black & White glutinous rice sambal shrimp dumpling and Black & White glutinous rice dumpling with Mao Shan Wang dip. The former is inspired by the hotel’s perennial favourite ‘hae bee hiam’ dumpling, and envelops aromatic homemade rempah in premium black and white glutinous rice, while the latter, a snack-worthy option paired with aromatic Mao Shan Wang puree, will delight lovers of the hotel’s durian pastries.

Until May 30

Tel: 6730 1704;


9. Savour Orchard Hotel masterchef’s creations

Hua Ting restaurant will feature award-winning masterchef Lap Fai’s savoury creation and two classic best-sellers this Dragon Boat Festival: The rice dumpling stuffed with Chinese cured meat, sweet-savoury yam and dried shrimps; the brown rice dumpling with three types of mushrooms and black summer truffle paste; and the signature Hong Kong–style rice dumpling with roasted meat, dried scallops and beans, which stands out from the tetrahedrals with its elongated pillow shape.

Until May 30

Tel: 6739 6666;


10. Commemorate the exceptional at TungLok

For this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, TungLok will honour the extraordinary poet and minister of ancient China, Qu Yuan, with three unique dumplings — the TungLok X.O. dumpling, Shin Yeh Taiwanese dumpling, and the vegetarian dumpling. The savoury taste of the homemade X.O. sauce and pork belly, Shin Yeh’s signature soya sauce lean pork and Hokkaido dried scallop, and premium Taiwanese black soya beans and bamboo shoots, will tantalise the taste buds, respectively.

Until May 30; Available only at participating TungLok restaurants