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5 Unique Rice Dumplings to Try

We sussed out some of the most unique dumplings for Dragon Boat Festival this year.

1. Vegetarian Black Glutinous Rice Dumping with Mixed Grains

A healthier alternative to the usual glutinous rice dumpling, this creation by Yan Ting features black rice cooked with mixed grains that wrap around delightful chunks of shiitake mushrooms and chestnuts. The esteemed Chinese fine dining restaurant will also offer popular favourites from its menu, such as the glutinous rice dumpling with abalone and golden dried scallops, and glutinous rice dumpling with pork belly and salted egg yolk.

Level 1U, The St. Regis Singapore; Tel: 6506 6887

2. Red Yeast Glutinous Rice Dumpling

Sporting a very unique red colour, this delectable offering from Cherry Garden comprises conpoy and red yeast minced chicken. The aromatic notes of fermented rice wine gives this rice dumpling a delectable fragrance that will be a hit amongst diners. Additionally, Cherry Garden also introduces the black garlic glutinous rice dumplings, made with fragrant black garlic, sea whelk, preserved vegetables and succulent kurobuta pork belly, with bamboo charcoal powder to give the dumpling a unique grey hue.

Level 5, Mandarin Oriental, Singapore; Tel: 6885 3500

3. Rice Dumpling with Braised Pork Trotters, Dried Japanese Bonito and Peanuts

Those who enjoy their braised pork trotter can delight in this creation by Hua Ting. The collagen-rich rice dumpling is a combination of succulent pork trotters and peanuts, complemented wonderfully with the flavourful dried Japanese bonito. Hua Ting’s menu this year also includes the handcrafted vegetarian option, the brown rice dumpling with trio of mushrooms and black summer truffle paste, as well as its signature Hong Kong style rice dumpling with roasted meat, dried scallops and beans.

Level 2, Orchard Hotel Singapore; Tel: 6739 6666

4. Steamed Rice Dumpling with Sea Whelk and Dried Seafood

Seafood lovers, Li Bai’s chef Chung Yiu Ming’s latest creation will make your mouths water. This new offering is an aromatic parcel packed with a generous serving of seafood including dried scallops, seal whelk and prawns, paired with pumpkin, chestnuts and Chinese mushrooms. The restaurant also has something to appeal to the traditional palate. Its perennial favourite, the steamed traditional rice dumpling, consists of tender pork belly and roast duck.

Lower Lobby Level, Sheraton Towers Singapore; Tel: 6839 5623

5. Red Yeast Foie Gras & Duck Rice Dumpling

It may come from an unexpected source, but this creation by Mitzo Restaurant & Bar packs a tantalising punch. Made with a generous slab of pan-fried foie gras and duck thigh meat, the dumpling harmoniously pairs this fine ingredients with the traditional flavours of red yeast. Another interesting one to try is the truffle Kurobuta pork rice dumpling, which comprises premium Kurobuta pork enveloped with truffle-flavoured glutinous rice. 

Level 4, Grand Park Orchard; Tel: 6603 8855