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Nobu Matsuhisa Shares 4 Key Tips To Run A Successful Business Empire

We ask the celebrity chef and co-owner of Nobu Restaurants Group and Hotels to share four lessons from his new memoir.

Famed for introducing Japanese-Peruvian cuisine to the world, Nobu Matsuhisa has come a long way since his humble beginnings in the F&B industry.

The Japanese chef who came to Los Angeles to open up his eponymous establishment Matsuhisa back in 1987 struck gold when he met silver-screen legend Robert De Niro who would later on become his business partner.

Though the Nobu restaurant empire now spans across five continents with over 40 locations across the world, Nobu himself endured many personal struggles before reaching the peak of his success, including a close encounter with suicide after his restaurant burned to the ground. He details his experiences as a young sushi apprentice and how he came to Hollywood in Nobu: A Memoir. While he was down in Kuala Lumpur recently to launch the memoir, Prestige asks the celebrity chef to share four key lessons from the autobiography that applies to running an F&B business.

1. Your Employees Are Everything

Any company who has a strong and good leader will automatically attract more employees to grow with the company. We have plenty of long-serving employees at Nobu who started at the bottom from waiter to captain then manager hence we are like a family who grew up together.

2. Mistakes Bring You To The Next Step

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Just go for your dreams. Even mistakes are required in order for you to take the next step. We all learn from mistakes.

3. Put Your Heart In Everything You Do

Do everything with passion wholeheartedly. Whether it is in the music, lighting, architecture or painting, you must put your heart in everything that you do.

4. Show Appreciation

I am here today and I have achieved what I have achieved because I have so much appreciation for the people around me whether it is my supportive family, friends or employees.

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