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Celebrate Australia Day at Blackwattle

Featuring a special menu and some very strange Australian produce.

To whom it may concern, Happy Australia Day. To those who don’t really care, that’s okay. May we interest you in some food instead? In remembrance of this day, Blackwattle has come up with a special set menu to last till the next week. Executive chef Clayton Wells and head chef Joeri Timmermans will dish out plates of rice crisps, steamed ling (a firm, cod-like fish), wagyu tri-tip and barley ice cream, each with bits of native Australian produce incorporated in. Examples include the bush tomato, salt bush leaves, quandong and muntries, also known as emu apples found along the southern coast of Australia. They all sound strange, but hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Nah, just kidding. They taste better than you’d think.

Native goods from Down Under
Steamed ling and fermented daikon with citrus broth, desert lime and coastal greens
Barley ice cream, rhubarb, muntries, riberries and lemon aspen

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