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The perfect watch for Daenerys Targaryen

It’s not Drogon on the dial but we’re sure this Vacheron Constantin watch is something the Mother of Dragons would love – Game of Thrones fans, wouldn’t you agree?

Hands up those who watched the last 10 minutes of the latest Game of Thrones episode with their mouths gaping open. We know we did – which is why this Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle 14-Day Tourbillon “Dragon” watch completely caught our eye. To set the record straight: This is NOT a Vacheron Constantin and Game of Thrones collaborative project. We’ve just singled this watch out as our favourite of the week because we can’t get that epic fight scene of Dany and Drogon laying waste to the Lannister army out of our mind.

Depicted as if it is flying through the clouds (you can spot them on the dial, case, bezel and lugs), the fearsome beast hand engraved on the dial is an imperial dragon, a symbol of authority, power and wealth. Meticulously handcrafted from 18k 5N pink gold, no two dragons from this limited series of only eight watches will look identical, as a result.

Executed by a master engraver, the forms have to be chiselled from a flat metal plate until they are transformed into a three-dimensional motif. Drawing from decades of experience and using movements accurate to the nearest tenth of a millimetre, he shapes the curve and depth of the motif to instill a unique character into each model.

At the heart of the watch lies the Calibre 2260, a mechanical hand-wound tourbillon movement endowed with an exceptional 14-day power reserve. Ensuring that steady torque is delivered are four barrels mounted in coupled pairs, all connected and all unwound simultaneously. The tourbillon carriage is shaped after the brand’s signature Maltese Cross and is so painstakingly hand decorated that the rounding off of the tourbillon bar alone takes over 11 hours of manual craftsmanship to achieve that super shiny polished effect.

After all this talk of dragons and gold (don’t mind us some of that House Tyrell loot!) – forgive us as we go back to reading up on more fan theories.

Available only at Vacheron Constantin boutiques in Asia Pacific