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Defining Moments with Harry Winston

Legendary American jeweller Harry Winston presents Novelties 2017 as it flex its horological muscles with an array of timepieces.

Having built an empire on draping the rich and famous in jewels, it is remarkable how far Harry Winston has also come in the world of watchmaking. From its diamond-set red carpet-worthy sparklers to its technically complicated high complications like the Opus and Histoire de Tourbillon collections, Harry Winston’s timepieces need no introduction, and this year’s novelties further cement the brand’s reputation for watches that possess both style and substance.

The most emblematic of Harry Winston’s brand of elegance is the Avenue, which enjoys the spotlight this year. The collection is inspired by the art deco period, during which the brand first took off, and named after the flagship salon in New York. The Avenue collection represents Harry Winston’s finesse in timeless design, but let’s not forget its other forte: Unusual artistry.

For years the Harry Winston Premier Timepiece collection has been its key platform for showing off various artistic forms, such as feather and butterfly wing marquetry. This year it demonstrates the dexterity of silk.

Fret not if you think that it’s only the ladies who get to enjoy Harry Winston’s mastery of métiers d’art. Following the success of the Premier Precious Weaving Automatic 36mm that launched in 2016, the beefier Midnight Precious Weaving Automatic 42mm marks the return of this exquisite weaving technique this year. Slivers of Tahitian mother-of-pearl and silver-coloured threads are woven into a silk mesh, creating a dial that subtly transforms whenever light hits it. Its calibre HW2008 is equipped with a silicon balance spring and comes with 72 hours of power reserve. The watch is available exclusively in 18k white gold and is limited to 50 pieces.

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