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VIDEO: LG SIGNATURE Special — A Design Intervention With Andrea Savage

How Andrea Savage, partner at Design Intervention, assesses a space when designing.

As a partner at Design Intervention, Andrea Savage manages a sizeable team, working on various projects to create award-winning bespoke designs. The mother of two straddles running of the business with client liaison with ease. This includes choosing electronics for home or office spaces. Savage chooses to use LG SIGNATURE products at home, in which she also recommends to clients. “The designs are sleek and sophisticated… What’s not to love? For example, TVs in the past required a lot of carpentry to conceal wiring or stereo equipment. But now, the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV features a picture-on-wall design and is so thin and elegant. Interior designers used to hide TVs but with this one, you can make it part of the decor!” Find out which other LG SIGNATURE appliance is her favourite in the video above.

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