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VIDEO: LG SIGNATURE Special — Beatrice Tan On The Fabric Of Work And Unwind

The founder and creative director of fashion brand Klarra shows us the inner workings of design and function, even while at home.

Not one to just go through the motions, Beatrice Tan enjoys her job as a fashion maverick. The founder and creative director of Klarra spends some days sketching new silhouettes and on other days, she’s busy with fittings on the mannequin. Her work in fashion means she also pays special attention to fabric care. That is why she has selected the LG SIGNATURE washing machine for her home, which is also able to address her hectic and fast-paced life. Its TWINWash function allows you to wash two separate loads of laundry simultaneously or independently. “It helps me save time on laundry. It handles a main load of laundry while washing delicate fabrics that require special care in a separate drum. How brilliant!” she enthuses. This gives her more time to unwind, with a cup of peppermint tea, and flipping through fashion books.

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