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Culture Vulture in Sanur

Experience the cultural charm of free-spirited Sanur while indulging in contemporary notions of comfort and luxury at the new Regent Bali.

Sink your toes into the velvety warmth of the pristine sand that renowned actress Elizabeth Taylor’s feet had once graced. Enjoy an evening watching the gorgeous hues of the sunset — the very one that Belgium-born impressionist Adrian Jean Le Mayeur experienced from his home at the idyllic seaside town of Sanur.
Art aficionados may also seek expert advice and insights on local art and antiques, courtesy of former filmmaker and current Sanur dweller Bruce Carpenter.
Located on the south-eastern coast of Bali, this artistic enclave has welcomed a plethora of notable personalities onto its shores, establishing it as a dream destination for tourists.
Indeed, Sanur’s favourable repute has been further ascertained with the recent opening of Regent Bali, a luxury resort that offers guests the best of modern luxury and traditional Asian hospitality.
The crowning jewel amid an expanse of lush greenery, this exclusive resort boasts a range of suites, residences and a villa, each well-equipped with the finest furnishings and amenities.
Designed for the discerning guest looking to unwind in style, Regent Bali is an aesthetic gem to behold. In line with its nature theme, a soothing colour palette of earthy tones makes up the resort’s interior. Exotic indigenous motifs such as batik patterns also accentuate the spaces, alongside displays of local art and artefacts.
Regent Bali forms the perfect base from which to explore the rest of Sanur, where the enchanting little town is home to a host of unique art and cultural attractions. The Nogo Bali Ikat Centre features ikat fabrics and antiques for those raring for a spot of shopping, while the upcoming International Kite Festival in July promises a spectacular showcase of Balinese kites. And then there is, of course, the Le Mayeur Museum, where the works of Sanur’s prestigious resident is exhibited together with Balinese artwork and relics.