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An Open Letter from Afini

The destination club that takes luxury travel to an entirely new level.

Welcome to the only way to travel.

Afini, Asia’s luxury destination club, is your passport to a world of luxuries unlike any other. Offering you and your family unparalleled access to exceptional residences in the most desirable destinations on the map.

Far more than simply booking a five-star hotel, calling your travel agent or even hiring a private concierge service, joining Afini provides you, as a privileged member, with comprehensive, customised services before, during and after your stay. Think a dedicated lifestyle travel team, in-the-know local experts and around-the-clock personal assistants wondrously rolled into one.

Afini’s diverse portfolio of destinations and residences around the world allows members the luxury of selecting from some of the most exquisite travels spots to suit their needs and preferences — from magnificent Indian Ocean villas to stylish Himalayan mountain retreats, and sophisticated residences in of-the-moment metropolises to the most legendary hotels on everyone’s bucket list.

Value, too, is integral to Afini’s approach. There is no minimum number of nights you are required to travel, yet you can rest assured that when you do come to stay with us, you will enjoy attractive nightly rates at all of our residences. These are typically priced between 20 percent and 60 percent lower than market value.

Membership, as they say, has its privileges and with Afini, joining also confers upon you a dedicated Lifestyle Consultant. Like a private banker who knows your needs and preferences, your dedicated Lifestyle Consultant takes the time to understand your family’s specific travel requirements and holiday desires. Our goal is to remove the burden of travel planning from you, allowing you the freedom to experience each destination to its fullest.

Our club not only provides destination experiences, but access to lifestyle enhancements for you to enjoy whilst in your local cities. Granting preferential access and invaluable amenities to our members — from top golf clubs and luxury spas, to that impossible-to-acquire item you’ve read about in Vogue and the most coveted Michelin-starred table in town, as well as preferred rates on private jets to whisk you away to revel in these otherwise inaccessible pleasures.

Whenever you say the word — be it Bali, Bangkok, Barcelona, Hoi An, Hong Kong, Koh Samui, Nepal, Niseko, Phuket, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Sydney or Tokyo — your Lifestyle Consultant will liaise with the appropriate Destination Concierge. Together with our experienced operations teams in each locale, they will meticulously customize an itinerary for you down to the very last detail.

To commemorate this significant milestone for Afini, we are offering Founder Memberships at a privileged rate for a limited time only.

Your journey with us starts here.


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This article is brought to you by Afini.