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From Sardinia To Singapore — These Are The World’s Most Prestigious Neighbourhoods

These are the most exclusive — and expensive — residential districts in the world.

We’re pretty sure the crème de la crème of high society reside in one of these prestigious neighbourhoods. From a mansion-dotted London borough to a glittering, palm-studded seafront district in Monaco, we list seven of the world’s most exclusive residential districts.

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1. Kensington Palace Gardens, London

Kensington Palace Gardens
(Photo credit: Andrew and Annemarie via Flickr Commons)

Dubbed “Billionaire’s Row”, London’s Kensington Palace Gardens is Britain’s most expensive address. In keeping with British tradition, the tree-lined street is remarkably refined and is dotted with enormous mansions and perfectly manicured gardens. Its residents are made up of the world’s elite — famous names include Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal and Russian-Israeli billionaire businessman Roman Abramovich — and, of course, royalty. Move in here and you can count Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as well as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as your neighbours. Naturally, a street occupied by people of such extreme wealth and status is guarded fiercely. 

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2. Sentosa Cove, Singapore 

Sentosa Cove Singapore
(Photo credit: Sentosa Cove Singapore)

As Singapore’s only resort residential cove, the neighbourhood is one of the island’s most coveted addresses. While it’s popular with visitors (it’s home to W Hotel, a yacht club, marina and an isle of restaurants), the enclave still retains its air of exclusivity thanks to sky-high price tags and location. Condominiums here are plenty, with many boasting a whole array of facilities so residents never have to leave the island if they don’t want to.  

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3. Avenue Princesse Grace, Monaco

Avenue Princesse Gracee
(Photo credit: Валерий Дед via Wikimedia Commons)

Real estate prices here may have dropped over the years, but Avenue Princesse Grace still remains the stomping ground of the rich, royals and the famous. Named after Hollywood actress Grace Kelly, the palm-studded district is located along the coast of Monaco and is said to be the home of F1 race car driver Lewis Hamilton

4. The Peak, Hong Kong

Victoria Peak Hong Kong
(Photo credit: Jerome K)

Away from Hong Kong’s city chaos is The Peak, a secluded neighbourhood overlooking Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak. Various streets from this enclave have claimed the title as the world’s most expensive residential street, with Pollock’s Path notably the most recent one. The estate is home to Hong Kong’s glitterati, tycoons, bankers, expatriates, and politicians like CY Leung. Pay a visit and you’ll see why the district is so exclusive: The colossal homes are shrouded by trees, and heavily guarded.

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5. Fifth Avenue, New York

Fifth Avenue, New York
(Photo credit: Nout Gons via Pexels)

Who hasn’t heard of Fifth Avenue? While it is one of the world’s most well-known shopping streets, it still commands a reputation as a prestigious boulevard owing to its central location, sky-high property prices and the chosen postal code for high fashion labels.  Crossing the whole of Manhattan from North to South and spanning landmarks like Rockefeller Centre, its most lucrative properties are said to be located between 59th and 96th Street, just a street away from Central Park.

6. Avenue Montaigne, Paris

Paris Avenue Montaigne
(Photo credit: Ralf.treinen via Wikimedia Commons)

Named after the 16th-century French writer Michel de Montaigne, Avenue Montaigne houses the country’s biggest high fashion labels and the most luxurious apartments in all of Paris.  It’s located in the ‘golden triangle’ of Etoile-Concorde-Alma and offers both residents and visitors numerous options for upscale hotels, restaurants, clubs, and high-end shopping.

7. Romazzino Hill, Sardinia 

Romazzino Hill
(Photo credit: Romazzino Hotel)

It was Prince Aga Khan who turned Sardinia’s Coasta Smeralda into the ritzy destination it is today. Enchanted by its soaring granite formations and bright-green waters, he developed swanky resorts in the Emerald Coast (as he called it) and made it the home ground of his fantastically wealthy and royal friends. The winding Romazzino Hill in Coasta Smeralda is highly sought after, thanks to the stunning scenery and the fact that properties here are few and far between.

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