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Goh residence: Tropical Living

With lush greenery and a generous water feature, the home of restaurateur Catherine Goh gives all a sense of calm.

In building your new home, what was most important to you?

Greenery. We love the outdoors and wanted to incorporate a lot of greenery into our home. I have three gardens for this purpose — one by the front, one in the middle of the house by the pool and also one on the rooftop.

Your pride and joy in these spaces?

My large plants. My garden in the middle has one interesting tree from Australia called Encephalartos Moore, which I decided to grow in a pot instead of planting it into the soil so that it’s more noticeable. By the front I have two plants called Blackboy that I persuaded a shop in Sembawang to sell to me. They may not look pretty but I really like them.

What is your favourite space?

The floating pavilion at the back of my home. It sports a circular shape as I find it to be more interesting that way. I feel very comfortable there and normally sit there to read the papers, enjoy a cup of coffee or have a late-night chat with a glass of wine. I also find that during dinner parties guests gravitate towards this space. Perhaps being surrounded by the pool gives it a sense of calm.

What would be your best design advice?

Everyone has their own tastes and idea of what looks good for their home. For me, I don’t really decide specifically what I want for a particular space. I take a freer approach. If I see something I like, I will get it and find a suitable space for it in my home.

Describe your home.

Understated elegance.