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Sansei is more than just bathrooms

The Singapore brand proves why it is a one-stop destination for your sanitary needs.

A well-designed living room sparks conversation and a cushy bedroom offers privacy and comfort, but don’t dismiss the importance of a well-thought-out bathroom. It is, after all, a space where one can indulge in solitude — and even a spot where some of the best ideas strike.

Enter Sansei Singapura, a local company that deals with sanitary products since its founding in 1973. Understanding how the right bathroom can make a home complete, it has a wide array of offerings to suit any preference. Its 4,000-sq-ft showroom features faucets, basin mixers, water closets, ceramic wares and shelving units from trusted international brands including Duravit, Geberit, Grohe, Scarabeo, Hatria, Knief & Co, TECE etc. hence building a reputable standing in the industry.

Other than products, Sansei ensures its staff members are well-equipped with the knowledge of its products and industry, so as to provide clients with trusted professional opinions and recommendation. In fact, the company also prides itself on its after-sales service, ready to offer help and support to customers who encounter issues with installation or faulty goods.

Not simply resting on its laurels, Sansei also consistently keeps an eye out on the latest trends in bathroom design to accommodate the demands of its customers. One of which is the inclination for more intelligent systems such as smart water closets with night sensors, self-cleansing abilities and heated toilet seats; as well as luxurious bath installations such as rain showers that provide a relaxing water massage.

It’s no surprise then that the company has been engaged for numerous housing projects, from executive and private condominiums, to landed properties, because of its expertise and impressive range of supplies.

With all that it offers, Sansei certainly is a leading purveyor of luxurious bathrooms.


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Tel: +65 6292 832 

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