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Meridiani introduces Plinto collection

There’s a new range of designer tables in town — and they’re as expressive as works of art.

You’d be excused if you thought these dining tables belonged in a gallery rather than a home.

Launched by luxury Italian furniture brand Meridiani, the Plinto collection — from the brand’s special edition series — proves that the recent trend of seeking out materials of inherent value is one that’s here to stay.

Marble, the streaky stone that brings to mind the classical sculptures of Roman civilisations, is a key material employed by the collection, as is brass metal, a medium also favoured by sculptors. Lacquered wood, another craft onto itself, also dominates the collection, which sees table tops propped not on the traditional four legs, but monolithic plinths (yet another feature with roots in architecture and sculptural art).

But while the brand’s art director and designer Andrea Parisio has borrowed lessons from the past, the range transcends stylistic periods, assimilating new trends — notably the interplay of clean lines and planes — with best practices. The result is a series of tables that is distinctly contemporary in aesthetic, but with purity of form.

More than just conversation starters, the multitude of configurations afforded by the range also feeds into our inherent desire for our homes to be canvases for personal expression. Table tops come rectangular-, circular- or octagonal-shaped, in various sizes and finishes, atop either marble or wooden plinths and brass metal frames.

Undoubtedly, this is one collection for those who appreciate sculptural art and the notion of intimate luxury — a hallmark of the brand.



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