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LG Signature: Combining technology with style

With LG SIGNATURE, let the beauty of technology simplify life.

For all the efficiency and convenience that technology has gifted us, it has also left us with a multitude of gadgets that over-promise and under-deliver. Excessiveness is the bane of today’s insta-world of conspicuous consumption when what we really want is stuff that works and ultimately, elevates our quality of life. After all, everyone appreciates a few life hacks.

This is where LG SIGNATURE delivers — and more. With equal parts of substance and form, the brand exemplifies the perfect union of innovation and aesthetics. “Our driving principle is to ensure that the essence of our products is preserved from idea generation through to the end-user experience,” says Brian Park, vice president of LG Electronics Singapore.

To this end, LG SIGNATURE homes in on inventiveness and intuition to enhance living environments. It’s a no-brainer — that’s what technology was created to do in the first place. The striking lines of its design further invoke the aura of placemaking architecture.

Take its LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W7 for instance. At less than 4mm-thick and weighing about 8kg, it is not just one of the thinnest TVs ever made, but thanks to the use of magnetic brackets, you can also hang it flush against the wall like a painting. Don’t mistake it for an ornament though; the sleek TV is more than a feast for the eyes. Powered by the self-lighting pixels of OLED display, it produces the most lifelike images that project greater brightness and contrast as well as a richer palette so viewers can better engage with the content they are watching.

The accompanying soundbar completes the home theatre experience. Featuring Dolby Atmos, the soundbar transports viewers into the thick of the action with rich sounds that fill the room and powerful, 360-degree audio for a more immersive experience. Accolades are already pouring for the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W7, including the Best of Innovation Award in its 77-inch class at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, the 2017 iF Design Award and Red Dot’s Best of the Best Award.

Refrigerator with Instaview Door-in-Door

The creativity doesn’t stop there. Step into the kitchen, and you’ll find that LG SIGNATURE has got it sorted out. Hands full and you need to access the nearly-1,000-litre refrigerator? Just place your foot at the bottom and the door opens automatically. Want to look inside the top compartment without having to open it? With InstaView Door-in-Door technology, just tap on the glass panel and its body is illuminated, thus minimising the loss of cold air when opening the door and deliberating what to snack on.

It also prolongs freshness by allowing different temperatures to be set for various food types. Its scratch-resistant surface also repels fingerprints. All common sense really, and LG SIGNATURE has turned it into a reality.

Washing machine with TwinWash system

First impressions count more than ever, which is why the brand’s thoughtfulness extends to the care of your wardrobe. The new LG SIGNATURE washer-dryer with TWINWash system is also a time-saver, allowing one to do two laundry loads separately or simultaneously. This way, whites remain spotless, colours stay vibrant, delicates are not ruined, and heavily soiled laundry is given a more thorough treatment. The front loader even dispenses the necessary amount of detergent for an effective wash.

To allow users to easily control both washers at once, a touch-enabled LCD interface is embedded on the tempered glass door and positioned at a 17-degree angle for convenience. Or if you so please, operate the washer with your smartphone where specialised wash cycles can be downloaded and, water and electricity usage tracked. As a testament to LG SIGNATURE’s attention to detail, the machine’s sleek enamel coating is further made resistant to fingerprints, scratches and corrosion.

Even as LG SIGNATURE continues to improve lives with well-thought-out products, it has not forgotten to provide for the most basic of all human needs — clean, fresh air. This is what you get with the brand’s air purifier, regardless of environmental changes.

The air purifier allows users to view the air purification process.

Mimicking how rain rids pollutants from the air, the air purifier sucks in contaminated air and harmful chemicals — even detecting sub micron dust particles (PM1.0) — through a powerful filter that ejects UV-sterilised water for effective cleansing, while quickly bringing a room to comfortable humidity levels. This special Black Filter System further allows users to reuse the filters for up to 10 years — another practical measure by the brand.

It has been said that art challenges technology and technology inspires art. For LG SIGNATURE, the pursuit of refining the art of living is a spur to greater technological achievements, so it can continue to enhance lives.

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This article is brought to you by LG SIGNATURE.

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