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At Home With: Fanty Soenardy (2of3)

Three design-savvy women put their own personal spin on things, creating spaces they can really call their own.

Fanty Soenardy

Fashion enthusiast
When Fanty Soenardy’s husband advised her to leave the interior decorating of their home to the professionals, the mother-of-two initially refused. “Because I believe when you do up a house, you really have to understand the person. But to interior designers, all houses are the same,” she explains.
Agreeing to compromise, she worked closely with a design professional to ensure her vision for the family home was expertly executed. “Everything here is designed based on our daily lives. I didn’t want something really nice but impractical,” she says. It was for this reason that they catered for two separate living rooms in the house: The expansive one on the second floor, with its sweeping view of the greenery outside, is the more formal space where the family entertains (sans television, as Soenardy believes it detracts from quality communication), while the third floor living area is much cosier and designed with her teenaged children in mind.
Among her favourite furniture labels is Visionnaire, the opulent Italian brand which she nearly decked out the five-storey home (including a basement entertainment room) with in entirety. But after consulting friends, she took a more varied approach to decorating, adding eye-catching pieces to the mix, such as Giorgio Saporiti chairs to the formal living room — a decision she is clearly glad to have made. “Pink and purple are my favourite colours, so I tried to bring that into the design scheme with the furniture,” she says of her picks. “I have a Birkin in the exact same colour combination too!” she adds with a grin.
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