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At Home With: Amy Long (1of3)

Three design-savvy women put their own personal spin on things, creating spaces they can really call their own.

Amy Long

Energy Industry Professional
If there’s one person who understands the significance of urban design, it’s probably Amy Long. “Maybe it’s because I grew up in so many different cities,” she muses. Hong Kong, New York, Berlin, Paris — these are just a few of the places she once called home, before moving back to Singapore in 2003. “It made me think a lot about spaces, how people relate to them and how they can be influenced by your choices.”
As such, the business innovation manager, who cites Danish architect Bjarke Ingels as one of her design inspirations, took extra care in decorating her three-storey home, filling it with evocative pieces. “[They’re mostly] vintage, antiques or from some place meaningful,” she says. The result is a richly layered 3,200-sq-ft house that tells the life journeys of its occupants.
A bronze sculpture by French artist Jean Mégard on her living room coffee table, for example, always triggers memories of time and place. “I just kind of stumbled upon this piece in Paris and fell in love. And as the proprietor [of the store] was telling me about it, I realised I actually visited one of the chapels designed by the same artist with my parents, when I was a teenager,” she recalls. “It was nice to reconnect with that [memory] after so many years and then bring a piece of it home with me.”
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