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5 Coolest Pieces for the Home

Be amazed by the latest furnishing introductions that will surely be conversation-starters.

New Perspective mirrors by Alain Gilles

Created by Brussels-based designer Alain Gilles for Bonaldo, the mirrors sport stylised, cartoon-like hand drawing by the designer himself, which renders an image of a graphic wooden wall and floor. What it does is create extra perspective, as if it’s reflecting a gateway to another world, evoking life and depth, warmth and humanity to an otherwise cold surface. Available in three versions — three colours, black or treated copper — each variation creates a different perception, depending on the colour of the graphics.

Rocky credenza by Charles Kalpakian

Lebanese designer Charles Kalpakian conceptualised this cool credenza for Lachance that creates a 3D look to a classic pattern used by cabinet makers. Featuring angular and sculptural lines, Rocky plays with the perception of space and volume with an object that changes according to the one’s point of view. This cool credenza is manufactured using steel and comes in two colours: Aluminium grey/black and two-toned blue.

Manga chairs by Nendo

(Photo credit: Kenichi Sonehara)

An expression steeped in flatness and abstraction, these manga chairs are conceived as a result of adapting the strong symbolic nature of manga comics into furniture design. Like the comics, each chair is created with animation, each expressing a different sense of a story. With the abstraction of manga comics in mind, physical aspects such as colour and texture are judiciously avoided. Instead, Nendo opts for a complete mirror finish that generates new spatial layers as the mirror surface reflects the real world the way manga does. The chair’s animated characteristics conjure a perception of a two-dimensional product. The 50 Manga chairs were an installation for Friedman Benda gallery, New York during Milan design week earlier in April 2016.

Visioni rugs by Patricia Urquiola for cc-tapis

Designed by Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola and Italian creative director Federico Pepe, the new Visioni rugs express an unprecedented synthesis between an age-old technique and abstract graphics. Produced solely by hand, the rugs (which come in two designs, Visioni A and B) come crafted with colours and materials that pay homage to ancient production techniques while adding a contemporary breath to the piece. Part of cc-tapis’ Credenza collection, each piece reflects a cartoon-like quality that exudes a sense of abstraction and modernism. The rugs are available next month onwards. 

Optical Illusion wallpapers by Kelly Hoppen x Dynamo

(Photo credit:

Blurring the lines separating design and magic, designer Kelly Hoppen and magician Dynamo collaborated to create a collection of illusion wallpaper. Launched in January 2016, the range boasts two designs: Enigma, with its protruding three-dimensional pillar effect; and Paradox, which replicates a jutting wall of stone. The wallpapers are digitally printed with the newest printing technology, opening up the duo to design options outside of the restrictions and boundaries of traditional wallpaper. With the use of realistic imagery and clever design, Hoppen and Dynamo also used a trompe l’oeil technique to create the optical illusion of depth. 

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