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VDay Special: Pearlyn Chua & Albert Tan (2of5)

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love in its many forms. In this second part, it’s about a young love.


Married since June 2015

A common question that Albert Tan and Pearlyn Chua have been getting since their June wedding is: How are things now different? Both have the same answer: Not much, except the little things. Tan enjoys going home together after a late night out, while Chua appreciates having someone to cling to when she’s jolted awake by a nightmare. In the eight months they’ve been married, they have grown to understand each other better, both say. “If I had to put it in just one word, the key to a happy marriage is love. But love is a lot of things. Love is about keeping the surprises coming, going on date nights and to some extent, compromise,” adds Tan.

How well do they now know each other? Prestige puts them to the test.

Albert on Pearlyn

My most endearing quality is…my sense of humour.

My favourite possession is…my wedding band. It reminds me that there’s someone very important who’s rooting for me.

A great vacation is…somewhere cold with good food. If I had to pick a city, London is my current all-time favourite.

I’d describe myself as…happy go lucky.


Pearlyn on Albert

His most endearing quality is…that he is very sociable. We managed to make and stay in contact with almost 10 new friends from all over the world recently on our honeymoon cruise trip, all thanks to him.

His favourite possession…has to be his phone. He is constantly replying his work emails even on weekends.

His idea of a great vacation is…somewhere that I won’t force him to take all my OOTD shots! Probably somewhere that is cold and preferably in the city.

Three words that describe him are…sociable, unpredictable and humorous.