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VDay Special: Meaghan See, Nada Jumabhoy & Angelina Tan (5of5)

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love in its many forms. In the final part, it’s a bond between best friends.


Best friends


Meaghan See:

When it comes to friendships…I prefer quality over quantity and longevity over short-lived fun times. Nada, Angelina and I have relatively packed days and we don’t get to see one another as often as we’d like. But at the end of the day, we know that our friendship will not falter, even if we go weeks without speaking with one another.

Friends are…the family we choose to have and I believe I’ve chosen the right ones for myself.

The sweetest thing…Nada did for me was organise a secret going-away party when I left to pursue my Masters in the US in 2012. It was held at her home. I was surprised because the secret was kept so well. She managed to get all my friends who mattered to come.

Busy lives mean…quick lunches in between workdays and teas on the weekend when we can catch one another. And of course, catching up on our WhatsApp group chat.

The secret to a long lasting friendship is…acknowledging and appreciating how rare it is to create lifelong bonds with people who have no blood ties to you. And knowing that everyone grows and changes, so allow for friendships to grow and change together.

The three of us are lucky…to be raised by strong women who have taught us that nothing we want is out of our reach, with or without men. 

The most memorable thing we’ve done together is…our first Prestige shoot eight years ago and now this one too!


“A true friend is not only there to celebrate your joys, hopes and dreams but is also there to hold you through your fears, disappointment and sadness. More importantly, true friendship requires joint effort to always make time for each other no matter what” — Angelina Tan

“My favourite memory of Meaghan and Angie is from the Prestige Ball in 2012. Our respective siblings were invited as well, and it was possibly the last time we were all together before my brother moved to the US. It was a huge celebration at the table because all of us know each other’s families and get along so well. We ate, drank and laughed the night away. It was truly special.” — Nada Jumabhoy