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VDay Special: Lam Min Yee & Lam Tse Yi (3of5)

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love in its many forms. In the third installation, it’s the love between sisters.


Sisters and best pals


How would you describe your relationship today?

Lam Min Yee (MY): I’d quote Isadora James: “A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.” Our relationship and sisterly bond has grown stronger and matured through the years to one where there is love, mutual respect and admiration.

Lam Tse Yi (TY): We come from a cosy family of four and as sisters, we share a very close relationship. Naturally, our relationship has evolved and matured over our childhood to adult years, and with our respective careers, diverse interests and milestones, but the closeness of family and sisterly love and support have always remained constant. 

What is your favourite memory together?

MY:  My sister loves animals and her special affinity to pets made her the in-house dog whisperer. I remember our dad brought his Rottweiler puppy for weekly obedience training and would go through the paces once again back home. Having watched dad, Tse Yi successfully trained our other dog to respond to commands within a few tries. Hence, a little known fact is that had Tse Yi not read law, she would have trained to be a veterinarian.

TY:  My favourite memory is of our first independent trip as siblings to Tuscany. We were very fortunate to be accompanied by a family friend to see some of the most beautiful Italian countryside, castles and historical sites, and where I had my first taste of the most tender and succulent Tuscan beef accompanied by the best Chianti. To this day, she is my best and most trusted travelling companion, as she researches all our destinations extensively and crafts perfectly planned itineraries and dining choices.

What’s the funniest prank or escapade you’ve shared?

MY: Being the elder sibling, I was usually the victim of sisterly pranks! Once, I woke up to find that my dream of freshly grilled chipolatas was really not a dream at all, but that of my mischievous little sister holding the chipolata right under my nose, as an effective wake-up call!

TY:  My sister returned to Singapore from the US during a school vacation and had just obtained her driver’s licence. Our parents were out of town and I needed to buy something urgently for a school project. My sister came up with the idea of trying to start up one of the cars and head to the nearest mall. Unknown to her, the car was a manual-drive while her licence was a US-standard automatic. After struggling to start the car a number of times and us laughing hysterically, she finally got the car going. I’m not sure if our parents ever knew about this little shenanigan we got up to but I guess they will now.

What do you love most about her?

MY: To me, she personifies beauty, inside and out. I admire her energy, effervescence, enthusiasm for life and her boundless capacity for love and charity. 

TY: She is not only a devoted daughter but also a loving and protective sister, as well as an all-round exceptional person in my eyes. I know she would do anything for me and yes, that includes taking a bullet.