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VDay Special: Cheryl Wee & Dawn Yip (4of5)

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love in its many forms. In the fourth part, it’s a love between members of an extended family.


Actress-singer and her favourite aunt


Cheryl Wee counts herself lucky to have two mother figures she can rely on. The first is her mum, Jean Yip, founder of the Jean Yip Group, and the second is Jean’s younger sister Dawn. The latter used to live with the family when Wee was a child and, having been raised in a close-knit family herself, used to help care for her niece. “I spent a lot of time with Cheryl and brought her everywhere with me — shopping, dinners, holidays and even to singing lessons. I think she and her siblings are the reason why I’m still single,” Yip, a former singer, jests.

Fast-forward two decades and things have not changed all that much. Wee, who stars in the local television drama Mata Mata, still spends a lot of time with her aunt, who has been invaluable in helping her hone her acting and singing skills. “She gives me a lot of encouragement and pushes me to overcome my fears. When I think I cannot do it, she assures me that I can. A lot of the times, she turns out to be right,” Wee says appreciatively. 

Among the many things that she is thankful for, is one special memory: “Once, my aunt joined my parents and flew to Taiwan to support me during a pageant. I didn’t even get to see them and yet they came all the way to support me. Things like that remind me how much I am loved.”